The Media’s War on Donald Trump


War is one of the constants of history.  Contrary to popular belief it often is waged without guns or bombs.  The weapon of choice for many is words.  Words kill.  Words destroy.  Words cripple. We are watching a war being waged on the unlikeliest of targets: Donald Trump.

After the shortest period in modern history, Donald Trump has established himself as the leader of the Republican candidates for President.  A serious run by the billionaire developer was an object of ridicule and dismissed less than a year ago.  Celebrities can’t be President – they have too much baggage – or so conventional wisdom assumed. But Donald Trump has not just crept ahead of establishment candidates, he’s pulverized them so thoroughly that they are hopelessly wounded.  Trump has created a sense of inevitability – the ultimate enemy of all those who run against him. This inevitability is setting with each day, like the cement foundation of one of Trump’s many imposing buildings.

Trump wages war with words as well.  Twitter is his favorite carrier group and his tweets hit their targets with devastating effect. The powerful media has always relied on corporate money to silence their critics. Never have they sustained an onslaught by someone who couldn’t be silenced, bought off or outspent. The mainstream media is really just a storefront for many corporations and advertisers who fund them and use them.  We could look at the dominant news outlets and break down their positions and opinions based on who they really represent.  In this war on Donald Trump, the media often claims to be seeking “truth” or some other lofty sounding goal.  At this time, Trump has made perfectly clear his position policies (oft-cited as incomplete or lacking detail) will threaten vast multi-national companies all over the world.  A border wall?  Deporting illegals?  An end to sub-minimum wage labor in the US would cost these companies billions.  They would have to hire (gasp!) US citizens or legal immigrants entitled to a legal wage. These companies want to build their plants in Mexico. They are happy with shipping jobs to China and Japan. The status quo works for them and they really couldn’t care less what happens to citizens of the US.

So, this rich billionaire is a traitor to his fellow billionaires and they want to destroy his candidacy.

Their tools are the media outlets we all read, watch or hear everyday. Never have they sounded so shrill or been so desperate as right now.  Trump is self funding. They can’t cut him off from money.  Their shaming efforts and endless litany of PC crimes he is alleged to have committed doesn’t even make a scratch and with each new swipe, the electorate realizes just how important Donald Trump really is.  He’s a Superman in a world of mortals.  And the corporate owned media is desperately seeking to find some sort of Kryptonite to destroy him.  These corporations have nothing to lose and billions to save if they can destroy the people’s new Superman. They are willing to risk destroying the credibility of the media outlets they own and future advertising revenues.  Why? Because the alternative means losing billions – at least in the short term.  Even these jaded and corrupt exploiters know that Trump would eventually make the world much more prosperous with his Make America Great Again policies. But corrupt money is much faster and many of these billionaires never found a moral they liked enough to embrace. So ‘The Donald’ and his populist candidacy must be destroyed and these billionaires feel safely hidden behind the Megyn Kellys and NYT opinion writers of the world.

The war is on.

Each day a new attack.

And each day we see Donald Trump’s inevitability increase.

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