The Establishment


Like the fabled Illuminati or the Freemasons, there exists something vaguely sinister about the moniker The Establishment.   What is it? Who’s part of it? How is it structured?  Are they organized in threes? Do they meet in a big underground cabal?  Do they have scrambled conference calls every week? Are they listed in a directory in some corner of the dark web?

I could be so much more effervescent if I were writing about such a wondrously sublime organization that communicated in code and held unspeakable rituals in fields during a blood moon.  Sadly, the truth is far more pedestrian – The Establishment are just a group of very greedy, corporate posterior openings.  We can give them a more publishing friendly noun for the rest of the article – let’s call them the zeroes.  After all a zero looks much like a hole and the zeroes are definitely obsessed with numbers.

These zeroes are all over the place.  Every industry has them: technology, agricultural, pharmaceutical, industrial, entertainment, service and so on.  The members of the establishment always have a few things in common.

They are horrible people. They often suffer from multiple disorders which drive them to seek money, power or influence. For some reason, many are very short in stature – both physically and morally. A Napoleon complex is often present in many of them.  This is particularly true in the entertainment industry where the industry has revolved around very short people. But most importantly, a member of the establishment has to possess a disconnect from the rank and file of humanity.

If many die because of an action they do, they could care less. They don’t like people. Why? Because they don’t like themselves.

So far, so good.  But there’s more.  The Establishment does network. Primarily in the mutual pursuit of money and power over others.  They exploit each other and team up to exploit others.  Exploitation of others is not a rare occurrence, or a hobby – it is a full blown career. The desire to screw over others is their only real satisfaction and gives their lives a perverse purpose. If they are unhappy, making others more unhappy cheers them up.

Are the establishment Democrats?  Republicans? What are their political leanings? They are neither.

When we try to understand why the Establishment doesn’t care about parties or ideologies it’s because they don’t care about much besides the bottom line.  They lose no sleep over whether an abortion is right or wrong.  They could care less about gun control, because most all own guns or have bodyguards.  If the plebs are armed or unarmed, it’s all so very unimportant to most of them.  All that matters as regarding politics is that they get their way – and possibly destroy some enemies as they do so. Buying politician influence at every level is not just part of the game, it is the game.

Media outlets are owned by these zeroes as PR tools and also to blackmail politicians with bad press if they don’t cede to their wishes. They can use them to influence markets, purchasing and create illusions about what the ‘masses’ are thinking in their efforts to persuade others and achieve their goals.

Rupert Murdoch, just purchased National Geographic for 720 million dollars. Why did he do it? Because he likes to look at pictures of hairy primates? Hardly.  It’s an ‘apolitical appearing’ media tool to influence others. He bought the appearance of objectivity.  Murdoch is obsessed with concealing his actions and his property, Fox News,  endlessly repeats the taglines “Fair and Balanced” and “No-Spin Zone” which are diametrically opposed to the truth.  The truth being Fox is totally a propaganda outlet to serve Rupert Murdoch’s corporate and personal agenda. So is the WSJ or any other property. They all have their roles to play in the creation of a certain reality and to support or screw over other zeroes agendas.

So the masses will have to endure O’Reilly’s “Killing Reagan” and other Murdoch propaganda pieces delivered under the once reputable National Geographic brand in his attempt to lend the distortions and views some credibility they don’t merit and control the way people think and view things.  And always – make money. Money is the closest thing zeroes have to a deity and they will move mountains to acquire more of it.

I guess one could say most zeroes are also pathological liars.  The truth is anathema to them. Even if the truth wouldn’t hurt them, they go to elaborate efforts to sustain the lies they tell. Such a lifestyle, as one can imagine, leads to a complete spider web of lies and deceit.  The result is a life that feels anything but real and further feeds these many neuroses and deep-seated insecurities.

The world has always had zeroes and it always will have them.  There will always be an establishment seeking to serve itself at the expense of others.  There is no ideology, religion or nation where a zero, or many zeroes, can’t be found. Some zeroes serve bigger zeroes and work for them to further their own ambitions. Take Rich Lowry for example. As Editor of National Review he is a little zero serving bigger zeroes in the corporate world.  He is a prop Murdoch can roll out on Fox News, deliver an attack on someone like Donald Trump, and then roll him back into cold storage till he or other corporate zeroes need him again. Most media figures are little zeroes happy to grab at whatever cash and power a bigger zero will give them. The media are the foot soldiers of the establishment.

What’s the establishment up to these days?  Quite a lot. Everywhere there is suffering, poverty, crime or drugs a zero is behind it. Zeroes are behind the migrations to Europe. They are behind the effort to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy for US President.  They are behind an unprecedented level of spying on all public and political figures.  They are behind the open borders and the de facto establishment of sub-minimum wage slave labor in the US. They are behind ISIS and working to thwart the XL pipeline, destabilize the Middle East and return oil prices to the stratosphere. They are behind the silence surrounding Fukushima radiation in the seas or the microwave cellular transmissions polluting every inch of living space.  They are keeping a desalination plant from being built in California and putting untested, unsafe chemicals and genetically unsound hybrids in the food supply and making people both obese and unhealthy. They are busy retarding the youth all over the world and dumbing down every aspect of education from Kindergartens to the Ivy League universities. They are drugging the masses with mind altering chemicals that are leading to sudden death, suicide, depression and shortened life spans. Pliable or indoctrinated minds are always in demand for zeroes to get their way and empower themselves.

Yes, the zeroes are always very busy.

While it might be fun to name a whole bunch of zeroes and their particular endgames, that is far beyond the scope of this piece and could fill a book that makes Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged appear like a novella.

The world could be a very different place.

While zeroes will always be with us, we can reclaim our minds, by becoming more aware. Information is power and the ability to make good decisions is directly linked to the quantity and quality of information you possess.

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