The Real Secret Behind the Refugee Crisis & Hillary’s Emails


Hillary Clinton’s server and the refugee crisis are linked. It may seem strange, but if one looks closely enough one sees that everything is linked, even if the link is not immediately apparent. But to have it all make sense we need to look at what’s been going on around the world while she was Sexretary of State.

Angela Merkel announced in 2011 that “multiculturalism has utterly failed in Germany” but, now in 2015, we see Germany welcoming millions of Syrians and other “refugees” who all seem to have been given a simultaneous signal to migrate to Europe and the West. What happened to make Merkel, who realized the utter failure of multiculturalism in Germany and the lack of integration of Muslims, further exacerbate the problem with millions of, mostly males, who show little desire to assimilate into German culture? She must understand that she is dooming Germany to centuries of violence, rapes and the desire, by fanatics, turn Germany into another nation that abides Sharia Law.

What happened?

Perhaps we should ask Edward Snowden.

According to Wikileaks, Merkel was illegally spied on by President Obama and the NSA – including her personal cell phone conversations and texts. Other German foreign ministers were equally monitored. What damning personal information does the NSA have on Merkel that they overheard from listening to her calls? It could be anything. They probably have a ton of ‘blackmail ready” pieces to get her to do what they want her to do. And Obama seems to want her to open Europe to millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ and offset the balance of power. They may even be threatening to harm her or her family if she doesn’t cooperate. The person who listens to your cell phone and spies on you 24/7 is not a person you trust.

The US Manchurian President has been revealing his hand more and more with a systematic destruction of Middle East stability.  First Libya’s leadership was toppled, then Egypt’s and now Obama has furiously been trying to topple Syria’s Assad. We have watched the complete destruction of US border controls or the enforcing of existing laws. South American children arrive daily and are flown to every state where they disappear into the population.

Now the same ethnic and cultural destabilization is going on in Europe.

65 percent of Germans want tighter border controls and less refugees. That number is even higher in Britain and other European nations. Do we really know what is unfolding here?

Is this ‘mass migration’ an accident?

Of course not.

Is it a coincidence of circumstances?

Of course not.

Then what is it? Well, when something is not an accident or a coincidence, it is deliberate. The migration is a deliberate plan of action by some person or group. Who? Let’s look at who stands to gain, to narrow down the possibilities.

Those who seek a global caliphate would love to integrate millions of trained men into Western nations. The Trojan horse is a timeless technique and this migration may very well be the plan of those who seek a global caliphate – a world with no infidels or non-believers left. So ISIS has a prime motivation to send a million man army into Europe or America and call them refugees to act to overthrow governments.

Who else? How does Barack Obama fit in? Why was he spying on Merkel and other German officials? Why the sudden “discovery” of VW emissions cheating to put Germany in a bad light right when they are dealing with a ‘refugee’ crisis? It all seems rather sketchy. And when things seem sketchy they usually are sketchy. Spying on Merkel served almost no purpose other than gathering information to be able to blackmail her. Germany is not a security risk to millions of Americans. Germany is not sending jihadists to behead people or execute those students at our schools who hold Christian beliefs.

So Obama was planning to blackmail Merkel and Germany. However, you only blackmail someone you want to get something from. What could Obama possibly want from Merkel? A recipe for authentic German strudel? A great deal on a Mercedes? It is doubtful.  Then we have our epiphany as millions are given the signal to march on Europe! We see Merkel announce the broadest and most liberal welcoming of Muslim refugees the world has ever seen. All this only after she has declared multiculturalism a disaster for Germany!

An educated guess is that the refugee crisis and Islamic instability was orchestrated, aided and facilitated, in part, by President Obama. Data was gathered for blackmailing and then a choreographed end run for the German borders has now been executed. It demonstrate logistics to bring so many people from so many nations. The sort the Obama administration already showed in abundance as they FLEW South American illegal immigrant children to each US State, dispensing them equally – without any notifications and in complete violation of Federal law. But why should Obama care about such things? He seems like someone who just wants to play golf and kick back. Serious issues just aren’t his strong suit.

So again, what are we witnessing? I don’t think ISIS wants to destroy US culture with South American poverty. I don’t think they care about that. So we are witnessing a larger attack on the West than just ISIS or just random anti-Western nations. We are witnessing an orchestrated, systematic weakening of the core nations that uphold Democracy and Liberty in the world: USA, Germany, UK, France and the Scandinavian States.

Who hates the West that much? Putin? Hardly. Putin may want to recreate a Soviet Empire but his approach is pragmatic and realizes that the world thrived when détente ruled. He is pummeling Syrian ‘moderates’ and ISIS, much to the dismay of President Obama.

Is it possible we are watching Putin try to save the West from some grand scheme of which our Manchurian US President is a part? Quite likely. History is full of ironic moments and the West being saved by Putin’s aggressive and non-compromising foreign policy may be one of them.

And now, the good stuff!

Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are a treasure trove of tiny snippets of data that can be used to paint a bigger picture of US foreign policy under Obama and who has really been shaping it. George Soros name comes up all too often. The man who bankrolled Obama’s campaign and almost single-handed put him in office. We hear about Soros meeting with Mexican officials and in other nations – before even Hillary arrived. We read ominous passages referring to what Soros will think of some of their negotiations. As if he should matter at all? “My pleasure! With Soros in Katonah” Says Harold Hongju – Legal advisor to US Dept of State. George Soros has a home in Katonah, NY. The entire October 11th , 2011 letter is redacted. In a January 24, 2011 5:41 AM letter Soros tells Hillary, the US Secretary of State what the US government should do in Albania! It is absolutely amazing to read:


Soros is seemingly everywhere and working with the US Department of State and many of his messages and activities are so secret they must be classified? Many messages tagged with Soros include messages to ‘delete’ him from the various files.


It’s rather distressing to have a former communist, Hungarian billionaire running around controlling US foreign policy, don’t you think?

So do James Bond villains exist in real life? A Hungarian megalomaniac intent on destroying the West and replacing it with his vision of how the world should really be? Apparently, yes. All the pieces point towards a global effort to restructure the world by George Soros. And the US taxpayers are footing the bill for his vision as executed by his handmaiden Obama, and subsequently Hillary.

ISIS, Open US borders, sanctuary cities, spying on allies and much more are all chess pieces in an extraordinary well executed anti-Western pogrom.

We shouldn’t really be surprised. Soros telegraphed his intent long ahead of time with his book, The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power.


Listening to Obama apologize to the world for America is like listening to the Hungarian born Soros insult America. Probably because Soros has written Obama’s speeches himself – or had someone affiliated with his “Open Society” write them for him.

All of Obama’s stated goals are Soros’ goals: The end of American Exceptionalism. The distribution of power to other nations, the dismantling of US presence abroad and the dismantling of American culture in the United States. The disarming of America. Legalizing drugs and lowering IQs in each state. Common Core education controlled by the central government, indoctrinating 100s of millions of children. The end of America as a superpower and it becoming a 3rd world nation with poor, uneducated immigrants flooding in – nonstop.

Soros is in a unique position to orchestrate the refugee exodus. His ‘open society’ has offices and agent provocateurs throughout the 3rd world nations he seeks to empower. And based on his emails to Hillary, he has no qualms in telling how US foreign policy is supposed to be conducted.  Since the US is “losing everywhere” as Republican candidate Donald Trump might put it bluntly, this foreign policy has been clearly designed to weaken America.

With the entire West at stake something better be done, that is very intelligent, and very soon. The next President has to undo 8 years of systematic destruction of US wealth, health and liberty. A scouring of Clinton’s emails and we understand why she kept a secret server – because Hillary Clinton was just one of Soros’ puppets. And the unholy relationship of George Soros with our State Department was something you would not want archived for posterity in State Department records. That’s why there will be no prosecution of Hillary Clinton by the Obama Justice Department, she was probably just following orders – like always – from George Soros, her boss.

She was just one of his pins to burst the bubble of American Supremacy.


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