The Silent, Deadly Crisis of Stupidity


What do you care about? Why are you reading these words? You could be updating your FB or retweeting or reblogging something. You could be gaming. You might be reading a magazine or newspaper, but that is statistically unlikely at this juncture.

You are online. Here you are.

This read will be worth your time. Information is the equivalent of food for the body – the quality of it greatly determines your health. Organic food is chock-full of things that are good for your body and high level thought and perspective are very good for a hungry mind.

The world is rapidly declining. One of the most important indicators of this decline is human intelligence. As humans become less intelligent they become more violent and barbaric, harming themselves and others in countless ways, merely due to ignorance. The average IQ for 2011 was calculated to be 88.54. By 2025 it’s projected to be significantly lower. The decline has been extremely rapid and many researchers are struggling to pinpoint the largest causes for the decline.

The worst part of intellectual decline is when once smart nations become less intelligent. The intelligent nations on this planet have driven prosperity, freedom, human rights and almost everything we consider good. Intelligent nations have brought the enormous revolutions in technology and culture that have produced the ‘modern’ age. As these nations decline, they can no longer lead or even sustain the gains made previously. So the preservation of high intelligence is the biggest threat to the world – bar none. Climate change, ISIS and any other crisis becomes unsolvable if the world loses nations with high IQs.

Look at what’s already happening in the tech sector. Instead of new technologies that were produced in the twentieth century, we keeping getting refined versions of the same technology paraded as breakthroughs. How many generations of iPhones can be made before people wake up to the sham? And why? Because the Silicon Valley of 1990 or even 2000 had far more collective IQ than the Silicon Valley of 2015. Recycling and refining old technologies is now the norm and truly new technologies are rarer than four leaf clovers. It will only get worse. Eventually, the technology will decline as well – as more mistakes are made in designs. We see this with all sorts of products that are now made with worse quality than their predecessors – and not just to save money, but because the designers are not smart enough to see flaws, health risks or errors in their work.

By 2025, the average IQ is projected to be 87.25. The decline starts to drop exponentially in a nation as soon as intermarriage occurs between high and low IQ peoples. It’s not politically correct to point this out, but statistics don’t lie. As a result, we realize immigration is a vitally important issue regarding the future of the planet. An intelligent world seeks to raise global IQ. An unintelligent world either doesn’t care or seeks the reverse – a world where all are equally ignorant. Looking at a map of the nations with the highest IQ is telling. The most xenophobic nations which permit almost no immigration and where intermarriage very rarely occurs have a markedly higher score than nations that are “melting pots” of various peoples.

In the USA, IQ peaked in 1950. No one can quite figure out what happened. Some point to TV as the primary retardation agent after that time, others to public schools that lowered word count and complexity in standardized reading courses. Some say drugs became a new and significant factor in the decline. Odds are, all these and more contributed to the decline in US IQ after 1950.

At some point, there may be no return for many nations and human intelligence keeps declining until the prevalence of low IQ triggered violence results in nuclear Armageddon. The irony of weapons designed by some of the brightest minds of the high IQ period, being used to destroy the world by some of the least adroit would be almost amusing were it not so tragic.

Ignorance is truly deadly. And the world is silent about this crisis. That discussing IQ might offend some people is all some people will take away from this article. Such an attitude demonstrates limited morality. Far more cruel and harsh is a future where billions suffer horribly due to the sound of silence.

What can be done? Moratoriums on immigration to high IQ nations for a start. A little xenophobia is a good thing for those who seek to preserve human intelligence.  A public awareness campaign on promoting intelligence – the same way we see healthy eating or living promoted. Instead of being reminded to take Flu shots by Big Pharm’s numerous ad agencies we should be reminded to learn about every subject imaginable and read books almost as often as we eat. Nations with particularly low and static IQ need intelligent assistance. Controlled “Flynn Effects” (where industrialization and schools are employed) might be able to be created by steady doctrines of intelligence building. And we need schools with real standards. Teachers should not just possess a degree – but an IQ to match it and use it intelligently. Competition should be encouraged among schools and intelligence performance should be rewarded – in much the way sports excellence is rewarded. In 2015, no student should be unable to read a standard clock face or sign their signature. Motivation and excitement about education should be pervasive – from films to online activities.  So much can be done and what’s mentioned here is a grain of sand on the beach of progress towards a smarter world.

Think about it.

Imagine a world where the IQ rises everywhere. All the technologies the world was blessed with from 1880 to 1980 would seem as nothing. Electricity, flight, chemistry, nuclear power, space flight and biology would be just a drop in an ever growing bucket of intellectual driven progress of a new global renaissance. While violence will never go away entirely, the biggest conflicts would dissipate and people’s violent urges would be better controlled by reason and emotional maturity. The Departments of Defense in nations should include ‘intelligence cultivation’ into their budgets.

But this article, statistically, is doomed to oblivion. Its message will not be carried or shouted from the rooftops. In a politically correct world talk of intelligence is not intuitive and we fear backlash from those who would cry “prejudice” or “supremacist” muddying the waters and try to protect those who are most in need of intellectual aid and global programs to assist them to reach their full potential.

The truth is, it is far more prejudiced not to talk about the need for global intelligence and is rooted in false beliefs that certain nations or peoples have inherent limitations that cannot be overcome – which they do not.


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