Donald Trump’s “Comic Book Campaign”


Donald Trump was asked by John Harwood, CNBC moderator, in the 3rd GOP presidential debate “is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?” The question was meant to mock and belittle Donald Trump.  Under closer scrutiny it might really be the finest unintended compliment of all.

I never used to believe in superheroes. Comics were just a fiction, best read with an ice cream and a rich imagination. Superman? A man who flies, defeats evil and makes the world safe for billions? A nice fantasy. I knew it could never be real.

But, today, the news from the world reads just like the most melodramatic comic book plot. Economic, moral and physical challenges are in every nation.

We have the Islamic State fanatics beheading people and murdering everyone in their quest to world domination. A suitable group of villains for any classic comic book superhero. Migrants from the Middle East swarming in hordes all over Europe taxing these small countries to the breaking point.

We have a hundred million unemployed in the United States, deficits of trillions of dollars, sky high debts and no manufacturing base anymore to reverse those trends. The USA will be broke, the economy will collapse and Western civilization will crumble into anarchy if it is not reversed.

US military might is being eclipsed by China and Russia. Our latest fighter (F-35) has been the most expensive lemon in military history because corruption in government contracting has poisoned quality in favor of bribes, kick backs and lobbyists. And designers are too dependent on CAD programs than intuitive scientific design approaches. Our Navy fleets are aging and vulnerable to Chinese anti-carrier weapons. If world war three broke out – and it relied on non-nuclear force alone – the US would almost certainly lose.

Society is in upheaval. Religions are being embraced fervently by some and discarded by others. Every day the media wages a culture war on anything resembling a moral value. Our schools are teaching a new racism and division cloaked in the name of equality. Drugs and crime are growing. Respect for law and order decreases every single day.

To cope with it all, hundreds of millions stare at phones, play video games, update Instagrams and live in a screen-based virtual reality. Millions stare at a screen and make their home inside it.  And to add injury to it all, greedy pharmaceutical companies and a plague of corrupt, untalented physicians are prescribing mind-altering drugs that are triggering suicides, mass murders and making life an endless psychotic episode of drug induced dysphoria.

So if ever there was a time for a superhero, it would be now.

Perhaps a Superman or a Batman who could somehow defeat evil and set the world on a positive course again. If Donald Trump is running a comic book campaign, it’s because his policies and ideas seem superhuman next to the do nothing, puppets that have held that office for many decades.

Donald Trump is a super man. A super man for American interests. That frightens the comic book lackeys like John Harwood and his sinister bosses that hate what Donald Trump stands for:

Truth, Justice and making America Great Again.

And we all know in comic books the hero always wins and saves the day.  President Trump seems more inevitable with each passing day, week and month.

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