Dan’l Levin Corporate Vice President at Microsoft

We at the Directorate have the most marvelous dreams. The dream we had last night featured Microsoft, Interknowlogy and the Dem & GOP party chiefs.

A narrator, with a voice like velvet, spoke:

Since the days of old, elections have been stolen, rigged, bought and corrupt forces have thwarted the will of the people for their own selfish gains. Nothing has changed in 2016, now the rigging is done with an app created for Microsoft by Interknowlogy.

When a company like Microsoft offers to freely donate time and technology to the election process it raises many red flags. Why? When you make no money, the most obvious reason is it allows them to skew the results and influence elections.  Which is precisely what Microsoft has been engaged in as they promote their open border/H1B Visa foreign worker agenda to eliminate US workers and replace them with cheaper foreign workers.

This plan to skew elections has been in the works for a long time. Designing software to run on “the cloud” (aka an insecure server someplace the parties can’t control)  is the way you can produce a digital election.  Once votes are no longer pieces of paper and are just numbers in a server – they can be manipulated at will by hackers, or preset parameters in the programs themselves.

The Iowa caucuses presented the perfect opportunity to introduce the world to their new “fast” way to count votes. Interknowlogy co-founder, Chairman and programmer Rodney Guzman was training The Democratic Party the day before the election in using the software:


One day before doesn’t seem like a lot of time to vet the technology or the processes it uses to secure the data. But the Democratic Party seemed eager to go forward with it and almost no questions were asked about the security of the data. Why so late? Microsoft planned this for a year and the parties were only trained a single day before the caucus? At best – this would appear inept, at worst – like a flagrant effort to keep the software and processes used from receiving proper vetting.

Private corporations who donate to specific candidates clearly seem to present a conflict of interest for fair election results.  And in this age of establishment, both parties embraced Microsoft with nary any hesitation.  Of course if the party and Microsoft have the same goals – why should they resist the interjection of Microsoft into the election process?  Computer fraud is far easier to rig than the voting machines of the late nineties.

So what happened?  How did the results in Iowa dramatically differ from polls conducted just days earlier? How did Hillary, who could only fill bowling alleys with hundreds, manage to beat Sanders who was filling large arenas with thousands?  How did Marco Rubio score another ten points out of thin air and how did Donald Trump who was leading Ted Cruz by 7 points watch 10 of them vanish?

But the narrator concluded:
While the media focus on the carefully engineered “tight race” between Clinton and Sanders, Trump’s win mysteriously vanished in a digital reaction.

This is “the power of the cloud” where the votes were tabulated.

And thus our dream ended.

As of this writing, the Democratic Party reports that 90 precinct votes have vanished.

Obviously a coincidence. Sometimes dreams come true!


Update 2/5/2016:

Washington Post reports Bernie Sanders has been denied access to a paper record count of the vote by the Democrats:

No media outlets are going after Microsoft or asking them to make the coding of the app public. The Des Moines Register has called for an audit:

Microsoft runs two data centers in West Des Moines producing  at least 84 jobs for Iowans and, more importantly,  a huge tax windfall from the just recently completed 1.1 billion dollar development for Iowa. 87 million in infrastructure was built around the new data center. So, naturally, Microsoft is not going to find many detractors in Iowa at this time.

As the Church Lady might say:





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  1. Is this software package going to be universal throughout the Caucus process or was it unique to Iowa? If this is going to be standard process we need to be worried. In fact,,,,there needs to be an investigation using an independent Forensic IT group.


  2. We must file charges on behalf of every American to stop VOTER FRAUD now and in the future. We don’t gain anything by promoting fraud and lies to officially elect someone who is totally a liar and wishes to push and agenda to gain anything by doing it illegally.


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