Donald Trump – Triumphant!

Donald Trump on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice"
Donald Trump

That shrill, 90 decibel noise you hear across the nation? That’s the sound of thousands of the lobbyists and corporate donor class shrieking in a full-blown panic.

Donald Trump is buoyed by a decisive victory in the New Hampshire primary which points to a smooth path to him securing the GOP presidential nomination. Double digit leads in most polls give him a commanding aura of inevitability. Trump’s speeches and rhetoric have fueled the lobbyist and donor meltdown.

Not only has Trump threatened to end the farcical insurance company scam known as Obamacare, but he is now talking about going after the drug companies and their political minions who conspire to fix prices in a noncompetitive arrangement.  The multi-trillion dollar drug industry lobbyists and corporate board members have just collectively popped some Xanax.

Donald J. Trump is the most feared man in America by a small, elite group of 1 percenters – and the most loved man by millions of others.  His power comes from a tool not found in any politicians arsenal – truth.  While the others are forced to lie, to cover their donors agendas, Trump is free to call out any and all corruption.  Being a billionaire has its perks and one of them is being able to self-fund a campaign and remove the yoke of political servitude that our current and previous presidents have worn.

This honesty is magic.  It’s a magic arrow that pierces to the heart of every aspect of corruption in the beltway and beyond.  When Donald Trump whistles this honest tune, the people are willing to follow him to the ends of the Earth. The American electorate has been starved for honesty – and not just for a short time – but for many decades.  Trump’s “bombastic” ways are merely the exuberance permitted of a free man – not beholden to anyone or the social mores of political correctness that have ensnared the liars and deceivers.  For PC is nothing more than a tool for liars to redefine reality and mask the truth.

Truth is a powerful tool. When wielded by someone who makes the “Energizer bunny” seem like a “low energy” loser, you have a truly historically significant opportunity for (dare I say it?) change. Nothing seems to slow down the Trump movement to reclaim the country, “Make America Great Again” and transform government.

Private sector efficiency wielded by a President to transform corrupt, inefficient bureaucracy has seldom been done anywhere in the world.  In fact, the election of Donald Trump might be the first such event of its kind in the annals of recorded history.

With Bernie Sanders’ win and Hillary’s rerun of 2008 coming true – one can only imagine how perfectly polarized might the choice be for President in 2016.  One one side you have capitalism, efficiency and private sector accomplishment running against a lifelong bureaucrat who champions state control in nearly all things, A “democratic socialist” whose policies are left over from the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.   Even the Democrat party realizes Sanders is unelectable and his ideas appeal to the youngest and least informed, who were also taught no real math or history. So Michael Bloomberg is preparing to enter the race as an independent.  A move that would almost surely give Donald J. Trump a November victory – to take care of the veterans, build a wall,  repeal and replace Obamacare, deregulate, remove political hacks and renegotiate trade deals, bring back companies from overseas and weed out corruption from government agencies and contracting., deport millions of illegals and put a temporary ban on Muslim refugees and emigres – and do all that ahead of schedule and under budget.

So get used to the high pitch wailing sound.  It will only get louder and more shrill as Donald Trump trounces his competition on the path to the Presidency.

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