Whose Nightmares Feature Donald J. Trump?



The shadowy world of dreams is a nebulous place.  What’s real and what isn’t real is almost impossible for the mind to discern.  During this political campaign the same is true.  Reality is distorted by the lens of the media.

To understand why Donald Trump is hated by both the political parties, left & right and why the media spends every single day writing horrible things about him – one has to wake up from the dream world and into reality.

The reality is  – the world is a very selfish place and has many, very selfish people.

These people have no morals and no concerns other than the continued accumulation of wealth and power.  Some of these people go into business, others into politics, while some become part of the media.  Many will kill others without hesitation to preserve their lifestyle.  When these killers become leaders,  they are called dictators, tyrants and psychopaths.  Most others stay out of the limelight and in the shadows where they can commit their larcenies with the least attention.

The fastest way to accumulate wealth and power, tends to be through corruption. A crooked dollar is much faster made than an honest one.  These types of people keep finding new ways to take money from the many and line their own pockets with it.  Anything – or anyone – that threatens their accumulation is the stuff of their nightmares.

Donald Trump is the ultimate boogeyman.

Rich men fear other rich men.  The insiders are always a greater threat than those who are stuck in the fog of ignorance.

And Donald Trump is a rich man other rich men fear.  He is a rich man who,  in the soul-selling hell world of wealth and power acquisition, somehow arrived with his conscience fully intact to his lofty position.

How rare is this? The last recorded instance of it happening was after King Midas’ beautiful, young daughter was brought back to life from being solid, cold gold to warm, flexible flesh. And this recorded event is recalled also as only a fairy tale.

Trump is a rich man who understands the banking world, the markets and the trade deals.  He understands how people get screwed over by a more savvy businessman.  And now he is offering his services to the totally screwed over United States of America – and has made many powerful enemies all over the world who have been profiting at the expense of the USA.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal despises Trump for running for office.  He has donated millions upon millions of dollars (earned mostly from the US) and controlled the Bush and Clinton families for decades.  He “donates” millions of dollars to spread his influence – and the influence of Saudi Arabia and Islam.  The media doesn’t report almost any of it.  Fox News doesn’t report it. Why? Well, Fox’s second largest shareholder happens to be Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.  That this massive conflict of interest – having a US news organization be owned by de facto foreign nationals  – is permitted without government intervention is rather amazing.  But Saudi money lines the wallets and slush funds of our highest ranking politicians and so informed people are not really shocked at all.



 Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal & Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian tycoon and largest shareholder, became a US citizen so he could obtain Fox and not break US laws which prevent foreign control of the news.  Murdoch and Alwaleed Bin Talal  have managed to work around it though so Fox news is, for all intents and purposes, a foreign owned news outlet – and serves the interests of its foreign owners with the farcical tagline “fair and balanced.”

And what have they been doing? Electing politicians that are corrupt and in their pocket. By creating a fake news outlet and glossing it up with pretty anchors and “sex appeal” Rupert and Alwaleed created a media empire that can influence politics and keep the billions flowing their way, uninterrupted.  Donald Trump has torn away the curtain and revealed them as neither liberal or conservative – just people who want people they can “own” in the Congress and the Oval Office.  Trump has  exposed their globalist plans and how they keep looting America for their own bank accounts.  Fox News is completely discredited – a media brothel with a wrinkle filter on all the cameras so no one can quite see the ugliness that it contains.

What are the real interests? Which empires are engaged in a struggle to put their person in the White House?  The interests are vast. The big players in this chess game number in the hundreds from many diverse nations and would require more space and time than is the intent of this article.

Trump has become the most powerful man in the world.  He wields more power than any of these media or corporate oligarchs, even if they are ten times as rich as he.  Because, at this moment, he wields the power of the people – and that is where the ultimate power of society always rests.

So the nightmares will continue for many of these parasites.  Nightmares of Trump being nominated, elected, inaugurated, and undoing their parasitic trade deals, corrupt interference in the markets, manipulation of currency and movement of 3rd world peoples to replace American workers.

While millions of others, the people of the United States,  have finally found a leader who can’t be bought off, cares about our country – not other nations  and wants Americans to dream again – beautiful dreams.  Dreams of progress, growth and prosperity!


This article was updated: 1:43 AM 2/17/2016


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