Know Your Corrupt Media!


“You know some of the media is among the worst people I’ve ever met, and I mean a pretty good percentage is really a terrible group of people. They write lies, they write false stories, they know they’re false, it makes no difference.”

– Donald Trump,  Presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee

(Part One in a Series)

In this day and age, not knowing who is really talking when a media outlet speaks is an unforgivable act of self-abuse.  Every media outlet has an agenda. Every single one. There is no impartial media. Because of this, it makes it absolutely essential to know whose propaganda you are listening to or reading at any given time.

This series will be your handy guide to media outlets, their owners and conflicts of interest with honest reporting. presented in order of influence.  Today’s focus:


To understand FOX News one has to understand Australian native Rupert Murdoch, who bought 21st Century Fox in 1975.  Because it was illegal for a foreigner to hold controlling interest in a US media company, he applied for US citizenship to complete the transaction. Rupert Murdoch, like many rich, inherited his wealth from his father Keith Murdoch, who founded News Limited. His father died when he was just twenty-one. His father entered the journalism business as a young man during the first world war and moved up the ladder, eventually founding his own company. He thrived on being able to influence government via media.  His son would use this as a rubric for his own political meddling.

When World War Two broke out, Keith Murdoch, due to his news ties, was appointed to the position of Director-General of Information and his position was to force ALL Australian media outlets to print and publish government positions. In other words, he was charged with making sure propaganda was spread.  The press rebelled against this dictatorial push and Keith Murdoch was compared to Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels. The press refused and Keith Murdoch had alienated media colleagues and was seen as a fascist who enjoyed meddling in the affairs of others.  He died a dozen years later and no one forgot that Keith Murdoch was one who did not believe in “freedom of the press.”

Rupert followed in his father’s dictatorial and meddling footsteps.  He has sought to control media outlets and the political narrative in Australia and the UK & US. With that in mind, understanding the goal of Fox News becomes much easier. It is a news outlet designed and created to control US politics.  Everyone who works there is part of the propaganda machinery and paid to deliver propaganda. Period. By posing as a “conservative” media outlet, Murdoch positioned Fox to snare the large portion of the electorate who felt no media outlet represented them. It would be much harder to become the fourth “liberal” network.  But the truth is, Fox is not a conservative outlet. It hires radio hosts, talking heads and former politicians (or current politician’s family) to its punditry line up, but the message it spews is consistent and dictated in advance, from day to day.

Rupert Murdoch’s father failed in creating his propaganda ministry in Australia, but Murdoch has built up his father’s  empire and wages a propaganda war in all English speaking nations.  Diverse propaganda mediums such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal – even now National Geographic are part of his enormous propaganda machine. He believes the true power behind government is media and that he is one of the de facto rulers of the Western world. He has used the corrupt nature of government to strengthen his position and has allied himself with people of means who further his ambition and influence.

In 1997, Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal already owned five percent of News Corp.  Rupert Murdoch aligning himself with a backwards nation that oppresses its people seems counter-intuitive for a freedom loving conservative – but Murdoch is in perfect sync with Alwaleed, because News Corp, nor Murdoch is really conservative – far from it. It is modeled and run as a fascist propaganda ministry, with neither conservative or liberal principle underpinnings. Murdoch can host a Presidential fundraiser for Democrat Hillary Clinton one moment and then donate to the GOP the next.  All that matters is making sure the politicians in office are corrupt and able to be influenced.

What are its goals? The goals of Fox are the goals of Murdoch and his allies. Empower and enrich themselves, squelch true dissent with fake talking points and keep the world influenced by his media empire.The Saudi connection is one of the most important in terms of understanding why Fox supports the Middle East migration, resists and attempts to belittle and foil Donald Trump’s nomination. The Saudis have bought the Clinton and Bush families via ridiculously large and mostly “undisclosed” contributions to their Presidential Libraries & Foundations. This is why Bin Laden was never killed and his family was flown out of the country. This is why Fox had Bill O’Reilly and his other Fox News assets  vociferously defending the Bush invasion of Iraq. Saudis feared Saddam Hussein would roll into Saudi Arabia like he had Kuwait. 9/11 was perpetrated by Saudis, but Saudi influence over the Bush family made certain the retaliation of the US was redirected at Iraq. President Obama has another billionaire, George Soros, funding his billion dollar Presidential library and so took the data of Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts in Pakistan – out in the open, next to a military base.  Obama then had him killed in time for a needed election talking point about fighting terrorism.  Bin Laden’s family was killed in a plane crash in 2015 – a fairly clear message to the Saudis not to try and retaliate – using Fox or any other tool.

The many cast members of Fox all have their own political views, but the bottom line is when they work for Fox, they are part of the propaganda machinery and you will often see the conflicting statements they make from one day to the next as they read their scripts on-air.

Murdoch, now 85, has been failing in health and mind and stepped down from his role as CEO of 21st Century in July of 2015.  His recent marriage, then divorce, to Chinese spy Wendi Deng is a footnote to the transition of his empire to his sons.   The News Corp empire, lost it’s carefully preserved “conservative” mask when Donald Trump announced his candidacy and will clearly continue to fight Donald Trump every step of the way to the GOP nomination and then the Presidency.  Why?  Because he poses an existential threat to foreign influence over US politics – which has impoverished America and its people while making Rupert Murdoch and his family richer and permitted the Saudis, Chinese and others to loot the wealth of the USA.

(Note: This article for brevity’s sake has provided only a brief overview of the raison d’etre of Fox News. A large book could be written about it’s dealings, on-air talent and its goals of expanding its influence. )
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