What if the Media Really Wasn’t Corrupt?

I woke up today, and realized something was different. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the birds still chirped their songs.  It was only when I looked at the morning news feed that I realized what was different.

In some strange manner I had woken in a world where the media was not corrupt.

Take a moment and let that sink in.

What I saw was something I never thought I’d see. Honest articles, freed of bias and outright lies. Informative articles that educated instead of deceived!  I took some screenshots for posterity:


The NYT almost triggered cardiac arrest – that’s how shocking it was to see a paper that actually seemed to care about America and its people. “Here’s How Trump Intends to Bring Jobs Back to the US” was my first read of the day – and it was actually well written!  It described in minutiae, with a graphic no less, the current trade imbalances per year with other nations, listed exactly how many companies are using foreign workers and firing Americans. Furthermore, it even explained how this practice begun once China realized it needed more money to not end up a failed communist empire and opened up its country to foreign companies to steal their profits!  It was incredible, I have literally never read such a comprehensive, educational, well researched piece in the NYT and I was giddy to see what other media outlets were doing.  So I did:


Had the Washington Post been sold by Jeffrey Bezos to some other outlet? Had Chris Cillizza been replaced by an automated computer?  How could this be?  I read “Why Bernie Sanders’ supporters say they won’t support Hillary this fall.”  This piece was an exceptional expose on the glaring disparity of voter turnout between the Democrats and Republicans and the unique breakdown of Sanders supporters versus Clinton supporters.  It was amazing. Apparently, Sanders supporters hate Hillary  more than Trump and many plan to vote for Trump if Hillary defeats Bernie.  Who knew? And when would I ever expect the Washington Post to inform me of this? After reading about the “90 percent negative” rating Sanders supporters aged 17-22 held of Hillary and quotes like “If Hillary wins I will sit this election out” and “Make no mistake I think Trump is bad, he just isn’t as bad as Hillary” I was certain that this morning I had not awoken at all and that this all was a dream.

Sadly, that’s exactly what it was.


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