Donald Trump’s Holocaust


Listening to the media, you would think Donald Trump is the apocalypse. He’s been portrayed as the end of civilization as we know it, would be the last President of the Republic and would turn the world into a sea of nuclear fire. He’s been labeled, in turn: clown, braggart, misogynist, racist, bully and whenever the media expends a bit more effort they search the thesaurus for some multi-syllable euphemisms to add to the list.

Is Trump really the end? I am shocked to find myself saying Trump has indeed begun a holocaust. Trump has effectively eliminated media credibility with a ruthless efficiency never before imagined. The standard bearers of the media are now in flames and their lies, corruption and dishonesty laid in all its naked ugliness to the American people. Trump’s holocaust is all too real. The NYT, Washington Post, WSJ and the video purveyors like MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC have all seen their credibility thrown into the fire.

Even as you read these words, the Washington Post and it’s antitrust skirting owner, Jeff Bezos, has assigned 20 people to dig up dirt on Donald Trump to be used against him. The NYT today ran a front page piece lambasting Trump’s relationship with women and trying to turn females against him and make them more susceptible to Hillary’s repetitive “I am a woman” mantra.

No, they are not worried about Hillary Clinton’s husband who took 26 flights on the “Lolita Express” without his secret service detail, or the nations Hillary systematically destabilized and the millions of deaths she has caused all over the world during her term as Secretary of State under Barack Obama. None of her actions in Libya, Egypt, Ukraine and so many others concern them in the least. They are obsessed with Trump possibly “acting as his own spokesman” using a pseudonym 25 years ago, while ignoring that Hillary Clinton received 8.6 million from Ukrainian Viktor Pinchuk while she was Secretary of State between 2009-2013.

Does any of Hillary’s corruption or, put in media speak, “appearance of impropriety” ever make it to the front pages of the corrupt media? Of course not. The media is complicit. They are often funded by the same nations, companies and individuals that donate to Clinton. They have been charged to destroy Trump by any means possible and that is what they have been trying to do since Trump declared his candidacy.

Trump realizes this. His genius is a frightful thing to see. He has systematically shredded the credibility of the media, taunted them on the campaign trail and made them expose themselves to the world. He even managed to pull the carefully crafted faux mantle of “conservative” from Murdoch’s Fox News. From the very first debate Megyn Kelly was used as a tool to set the “women card” narrative for Hillary and stigmatize Trump.

But has Trump been damaged by their assault? Not a bit. The opposite is true. He has used them as a fundamental selling point for his candidacy. He taught people to look at the corrupt media and scrutinize their words and wake up to their fraudulence. The entire industry is a sham – a circus of performers under the “media bigtop” and they are completely clueless about what Trump has done to them. Every article they write secures Trump more votes. Every accusation they levy against him weakens them and empowers him. Even as he complains about their lies, deceit and attacks, he understands that they are destroying themselves and that not just his supporters realize just how corrupt and despicable the media is.

Yes, Trump has successfully orchestrated a holocaust. A holocaust in which the media have acted as their own executioners. Politics has changed forever because the media, which has been used for the past century to mold public opinion and parse information, has now been revealed as a gigantic and malicious fraud. Trump has empowered the people and opened the channels of direct communication via mediums like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Media pundits keep saying Trump needed them to secure the GOP nomination. But the truth is, Trump already reached the people bypassing the media with his post-midnight tweeting sprees and homemade video messages. All he needed the media to do was to destroy their own faux-credibility. The “clown” they mocked had ensured that they hoisted themselves on the petards of their own egos with each article they published.

The Trump media holocaust of 2015-2016 will be recorded by history as the moment when media lost its power to control the minds of the people. Expect this holocaust to continue throughout the Trump Presidency until the very last corrupt media has destroyed itself.

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