How Ann Coulter Reshaped the 2016 Election


Donald Trump is the de facto GOP nominee for President of the United States.  I think it is now important to give credit to the person who made his meteoric rise possible. That person is none other than prolific bestselling author Ann Coulter. Trump deserves credit for being Trump and effortlessly eliminating sixteen opponents, but behind Trump’s unstoppable rise is Ann Coulter and her singular devotion to the problem of illegal immigration in the United States.

Trump is a genius. His genius manifests in many ways, but probably the most unreported of his talents is his empathy. Trump feels what others feel. He is a plutocrat that never lost the common touch. When Trump read an early release copy of Ann Coulter’s latest book Adios America, he immediately recognized the truth and scale of the problem facing everyday Americans as they struggle with lost jobs, reduced wages, increased crime, deteriorating education and public services. This issue, illegal immigration, is what secured Trump the nomination. It is what eliminated Jeb!, Rubio, Cruz and all the rest who never seemed to quite express sufficient empathy for the decades old frustration US citizens have been feeling about the problems illegal immigration has wrought upon the US and their states and communities. These professional politicians ignored at their peril the millions of Americans endlessly chanting “build that wall!” Apparently none of them read and took to heart Adios America.

Trump did.

That is the single largest reason why Trump is the nominee and the others are watching him prepare for the general election. Soon, thanks to the immigration issue, they will be witness to his Presidency.

Coulter is humble (well, relatively humble) and she doesn’t shout out from the rooftops that her guy took her big issue and broke that elephant down and is going to ride into the White House with it. Since introducing Trump in Dubuque, Iowa, she has been persona non grata for most media outlets. Livid with silent rage, the media outlets realize just how big a part Coulter has played in making Trump the nominee and they utterly despise her for it. So they “punish” her by keeping her at arm’s length. They also are desperate to play down the immigration issue and bury it. Pesky Ann always seems to mention it when she appears and they just can’t abide any truth contaminating their narrative. So she’s been blacklisted by the media for being honest, prescient and astute. – and clearly those traits make her too dangerous to engage with the malignant mass known as media’s paid pundit class.


Ann Coulter has been crucified by the media so many times over the years. However, I still can‘t see the nail holes in her slender hands. She is the Phoenix Bird, rising up from the ashes of each media onslaught – and in this skill she has a lot in common with Donald Trump. Both individuals persevere and use honesty as a weapon with such devastating effect that they completely outmatch their opponents who are never equipped with such things in their own arsenal.

As Trump proceeds to win over more and more of the electorate he is actually reshaping popular culture throughout the world. He has started a movement – a movement that at its core is about political honesty and not ignoring the truth. Political correctness (PC) can’t compete with truth when it’s wielded by Trump. The people are empowered to say aloud what they have been thinking for years. Ann Coulter has been doing this for years to the liberals and “sell out” conservatives bred in the bowels of a CPAC conference swearing their allegiance to the Chamber of Commerce. Now, her laser-like focus on the illegal immigration (& immigration) problems facing the US is on everyone’s mind. Coulter has woken up the world and many nations are looking at the increasing poverty & problems flawed immigration policies have brought and more importantly are finally preparing to address them intelligently and honestly.

And for all those who are now part of Trump’s “anti-corruption political movement” we owe Ann Coulter a heartfelt thank you.

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