The Good Vs. Evil Election of 2016


This election is between good and evil.

Since the “mainstream” media has chosen to embrace and push the word “dark” when describing Donald Trump’s RNC acceptance speech and vision, we thought it might be even more entertaining to take it one step further and make it perfectly clear – this election is an election between good and evil; light and dark; hero and villain.

This sort of battle is ongoing through history, but it’s the first time in over fifty years that we have seen a real good vs. evil US Presidential election instead of the usual lesser evil vs greater evil type. The contrast could not be more clear between the two major candidates and this is the first time in many an American’s lifetime that they will be asked to show their true character and values.

The recent DNC emails leaked by Wikileaks illustrate that the DNC rigged the process for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders made a great showing against a stacked deck. Now Hillary has the nomination and Sanders’ people are livid and walked out of the DNC convention in Philadelphia after many protests.  The hashtag #DemExit and #NeverHillary are everywhere on social media sites and the Democrat party has effectively just amputated the 18-35 age bracket Democrat voters that pushed Obama over the top in ’08 and ’12.

Forcing a candidate that the people didn’t want is never a good idea. The Democrats will get a chance to see if they can run an election like the old Soviet Union – where people and votes are optional and party bosses can rig everything and “count the votes” to achieve the desired outcome.

Hillary is not only losing to Donald Trump, but she is losing badly.  Trump is crushing her in the important “swing” states and the northeast in particular. Trump has created a new coalition of Republicans, Independents and Democrats. He has literally made the GOP a big party tent. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel was given a standing ovation at the RNC while announcing he was gay and proud to be a Republican.  This is not your father’s GOP and is a sign of the times.  Trump has unified people with a common sense agenda that appeals to people of diverse races, views, sexual orientation, ages and incomes.

The result of the Trump outreach?


Trump leads in most all of the swing states Mitt Romney lost.

The media calls Trump a “populist” with disdain – because he has usurped the mainstream media as the molder of public opinion. He not only set the agenda of the primaries, but he has set the entire subject matter of this election. Trump acts – Hillary reacts.  Trump is a natural leader and Hillary is a natural, corrupt bureaucrat.  Trump speaks freely to the press and Hillary hides from the press, afraid each word may magnify her many crimes and corruption. The media tries to prop her up, but the mainstream media itself is beginning its own death spiral as Trump and Wikileaks destroys its credibility and delivers alternative media more traffic, hits and revenue.

Hillary has the media in her corner, but it’s not enough anymore.  She has committed so many crimes, lied so many times and alienated so many people her campaign is futile.  Her health is also an issue.

Everything good that Trump wants to do for Americans, Hillary wants to thwart. The DNC is a mockery as it pushes an agenda of lawlessness, immorality, race warfare and the selling out of US citizenry for illegal foreigners who commit crimes.  Lying, cheating and stealing her way through life has earned her the #HillaryRottenClinton hashtag.

She’s hopeless. The nation realizes this and no amount of lies and press can erase this or the fact that she represents all that is wrong with government.

Donald Trump is hope. And his numbers keep increasing as the nation reacts overwhelmingly positive to his message of doing away with the old order.



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