The Democrats’ Nightmare Convention


If you were living in 1970 you might believe the media’s smoke blowing praise of the Democrats’ convention in Philadelphia. If you live in 2016, you know the media is corrupt to their rotten cores and colludes with the Democrats all the time. You would know there were massive protests and division between the young Bernie Sanders delegates and the aged Hillary faithful in their matching Hillary style wigs & dentures. Because you live in 2016 you know about the white noise machines used to edit out sounds of protest from the MSM broadcasts and the thousands of scabs hired to fill the seats for a fake performance:

You also get to see that there were no riots in Cleveland for the Republicans as Democrats & media hoped for, but there were many riots in Philadelphia – by unhappy Bernie supporters – during the convention. A convention where 3 walls and fences had been erected both inside and outside of the convention center by those wall hating, border eschewing Democrats:

The Bernie Democrats are leaving to support Donald Trump in droves and Hillary is more hated now than she was before the convention – which only Hillary can manage due to her unfathomably grating voice and unsympathetic screaming demeanor. Her scratchy voice and terrible tone is, literally, a weapon of mass repulsion.

To cap it all off, her husband, the superpredator, fell asleep during her big speech. All those trips to Lolita island with convicted pedophiles clearly have taken his stamina away:

But the mainstream media is living in 1970 and think no one has access to the truth. Perhaps this is why the failing New York Times just reported a 200k loss for the year and is expected to fold soon as they lose money with each passing day of spewing lies and propaganda which no one reads.

Yes, the Democrats convention was a non-stop nightmare of fails. Only after GOP heckling did they manage to put an American flag anywhere to be seen. Only after being chastised for not mentioning police did they schedule a moment of silence for fallen police – a moment which was interrupted by the shouts of ‘black lives matter’ from the ever-present plantation constituency of the DNC.

Hillary is going to lose the election in a big dramatic way. The primaries, the most accurate ‘poll’ of likely voters, already predict a Trump landslide in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and more states that Romney lost in 2012.

Hillary’s endless lies have made listening to her speak intolerable for most Americans. She has lost any credibility and chants of “Lock her up!” were a constant presence at the DNC convention. The Democratic convention was a big fat fail. And the media, exposed now by Julian Assange & Wikileaks is scrambling to try and sustain their “everything is wonderful” narrative and have lawyers standing by to deal with new damning releases that demonstrate more of their criminal activities.

But if you watch or read the MSM, you get transported back in time to 1970, where no cell phones exist, media is controlled by a few outlets and lies that conceal the Chernobyl scale meltdown that was the DNC convention are told with a straight face – even a painted on smile.

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