The Fake Polls & Creating Perception

If you are Hillary Clinton and your message is failing, almost no one is attending your rallies and your health precludes you from making public appearances often or doing real press conferences, how do you create the impression that you’re winning?

You have the media release polls that prop up your candidacy.

Citizens of the USA live in an unprecedented time in America.  The mainstream media is more corrupt than the old Pravda of the Soviet Union.  Media owners and interests will lie, cheat and steal for their own financial gain. Integrity? Honesty? Those died well over seventy years ago and many question if they even existed then. Creating fake polls declaring your candidate is winning is part of this perception weaving done during every election.

People are largely uninformed and the media exploits and fosters this culture of ignorance. In the Soviet era they called the uninformed the “useful idiots” and these idiots helped keep the dictators in power and truth suppressed.

How many people know that Trump is winning in the battleground states and across the nation? While it should be obvious based upon the hordes that attend his rallies compared to the paltry few that attend Clinton’s, the media compensates with their stranglehold on getting information to uninformed people.




Above are images from Illinois, Michigan and Florida.  Trump has more support than any candidate in US history – and it shows.  Let’s look at a Clinton rally.

Here is Clinton’s Florida rally:


Clinton’s rally barely scores as many people as attend a good high school basketball game. But more telling is most of the people there are actors and placed by the campaign itself! Let’s look at the platform behind Hillary which people are standing on to be filmed by the cameras and news media:


These people are standing on tables with a five foot drop right in front of them! They are standing on platforms not designed to be used as seats. They are props and must not move even a step in the wrong direction or risk falling and bringing the whole group down.  Look at the man in the back row nearest the camera.  See how he stands at attention with his hands folded behind him and feet close together.  Note how each person has a role to play. Several must hold signs up – and not fall down!  Others fake they are filming Clinton with their cell phone but most just stand carefully and stare at her while she gives her speech.

All these people on the platform are paid to be there. All are props in the Hillary campaign.  The media doesn’t report any of this, naturally, because they are also part of her campaign. Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and look back at video of Clinton speeches and you will see that all of her rallies are staged events and there are always many staring out into space, not at Clinton and focused on collecting their check.

Perception is everything and if Hillary can’t match the Trump and Sanders rallies numbers with real people, she will pay actors to pretend they are excited about her and let the media doctor it and spin it so that she appears to be competitive – when nothing could be further from the truth.

Hillary is behind in Florida. Hopelessly behind. In the primary the Democrats received almost 600,000 votes less than the GOP – and that number included the excited Sanders voters that have gone on to create #NeverHillary and the #DemExit and plan to vote for Trump, Stein or stay home.  But wait! An NBC poll said Hillary was ahead in Florida! How can that be?

In fact, she was up in a slew of swing states according to that NBC poll!

Then one remembers that #DNCLeaks showed emails of Debbie Wasserman Schultz contacting the head of MSNBC, Phil Griffin to get Clinton favorable media coverage on “Morning Joe.” Same with Chuck Todd, President of NBC news who complied after being emailed “Chuck, this must stop!”

How can one believe polls from a “news” organization that is documented to be in bed with the Clinton campaign? One can’t.

Trump is ahead in all the battleground states that Mitt Romney lost.  Hillary may have escaped indictment but, believe it or not, this didn’t make her more popular with voters, quite the reverse she is less popular than ever in her sordid history.

It’s hard to believe that so many different media outlets would lie or coordinate their negative polls and stories.   But is it really?  Look at the coordination they demonstrated after Trump’s RNC nomination speech:


Yes, the media is corrupt to the core and a handmaiden of the Democrat party. Free media only exists outside “mainstream” sources – who have financial interests in electing Hillary Clinton. Not a single poll released by the media between now and election day will be honest or accurate – even those showing Trump ahead.  The perception game requires mixing up the results in a semi-realistic way to try and preserve credibility.  But in this case, they are now battling an electorate getting media from non-traditional sources.

Hillary Clinton is probably the worst modern candidate in history.  She has to pay people to pretend to want her to be president for the media cameras.  Think about that.  Even the corrupt, lockstep media are failing to get people to believe the grass grows red and the skies are green. Hillary Clinton is a fatally flawed candidate who the Democrat party hoisted, unwanted, on their voters. She has failed to bring in the Bernie voters, the independents or the working blue collar Democrats and now she is losing-bigly.

The lying, crooked Clinton campaign and corrupt media are melting down with more negative stories, false polls and hope to steal the election from Trump like they did the nomination from the much more popular Bernie Sanders.  There is a new player in the game though – the US intelligence agencies – who loathe Clinton for her treasonous deals and for exposing US covert agents with her private server and who appear to have hacked the DNC and much more.

All bets are now off as these agencies can reveal (and monitor) all the communications, even texts and phone calls between all the various corrupt players in this game – all the way up to the President of the United States and know what they are planning.

It’s not 1960 anymore.

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