Mainstream Media Is Dead


The mainstream media is now dead. Long lived the mainstream media.

It’s finally over.  The decades of propaganda, corporate malfeasance disguised as commentary and the endless promotion of subversive, politically correct ideology.

Trump has blown up the media. He pulled a tactic as old as Rome. He feigned a retreat and they all came after him and then he turned and slaughtered them all. The old decrepit media with names like New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX and so many more.  None have escaped Trump’s plan to destroy the mainstream media.

Trump put it all quite succinctly:

And it is now obvious to all of us, including the now dead mainstream media, that Trump’s plan all along was to destroy their credibility before the election and take away their power.  He succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. In almost every speech he makes, he takes a slice out of the media.  And because he is a ratings immortal, they can’t help but participate in their own destruction for the short term cash gains.

The media has been broken.  New names and old are picking up the slack.  Sites like Drudge Report, Breitbart, Wikileaks and even Infowars are now driving the news cycle.  New “media” celebrities are also emerging.  Milo Yiannopoulos is the fair haired child, made martyr by being banned by an increasingly censoring Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.  Paul Joseph Watson is a new thorn in the side of the establishment and old media, shining light on stories the old, mainstream media used to succeed in suppressing.

The media used to be able to get away with pushing doctored polls with desired outcomes and the public would accept it.  They had no choice and for decades did not know just how corrupt the media, pundits and the entire political consultant class really are. Now they do and alternative media, online polls and the ubiquitous cell phone video is making the old lies crumble and revealing the corruption for all to see.

Hillary Clinton, by using plants in the key positions at the DNC, stole Bernie Sanders victory – just as surely if she had robbed a bank. But Wikileaks revealed to the world the theft and injustice and the diminutive Debbie Wasserman Schulz resigned in disgrace, only to be hired by Hillary immediately.  The Bernie Sanders voters are livid and besides themselves with rage at Hillary Clinton.  She has lost the 18-35 year old vote.  It was funny to see the dead media try to push the idea that millennials are flocking to Clinton in droves – when she is the antichrist to them and have formed the #NeverHillary movement and the #DemExit.  The media failed to report that thousands left the DNC convention and rioted in protest of Hillary.  Somehow, those riots completely missed the news cycles.

Desperate, the MSM is now announcing Trump is behind.  Polls conducted by the same people who colluded with Hillary and the DNC to rob Sanders and his supporters.  Perception is the tool of the propagandist.  By trying to paint Trump as behind, they hope people will adopt the sheep mindset and abandon him.

Good luck with that.

Trump has captured America. From the coal miners who want to protect their livelihood to the LGBT youth who want to protect their way of life from Islamic intolerance.  From the blue collar factory worker whose job is shipped overseas to the white collar business owner struggling under insane Federal regulations.   Trump is poised to win in the most unprecedented landslide in election history since Reagan obliterated Mondale in 1984.

The corrupt Obama administration and Hillary campaign fear potential prosecution for their many, many crimes and lawbreaking.  They have no message, no excitement – nothing.  So they are employing their only tool left – the complicit media which has enabled and profited from this corruption.

But Trump is truly a genius. While he pretends to be coarse and blustery, he really is the most intelligent candidate to ever run for the Presidency.  He predicted the media’s power and already castrated them.  The pundits are now discredited eunuchs that appear to whine every single day, exclusively about him.  Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, believes Trump will win in a landslide because he is a powerful persuader.  Persuasion is just part of Trump’s appeal and the formation of this historic movement.  The truth is Trump doesn’t need to persuade.  Trump speaks the truth while other politicians have lied.  The people recognize and embrace this truth and little persuasion is needed.  This truth is what makes his movement so formidable. Never before has a political movement of this size been based on truth and lies are ineffective weapons against it.

The media, on the other hand, know nothing but the policy of lies.  Deception and persuasion is their goal.  Negative stories, false polls, endless berating, derogatory comments are served every day on television, internet and print media.  Their endless harping on Trump makes him even more of a sympathetic figure and enhances the unsympathetic nature of both Hillary Clinton and the media itself.

And now alternative media can go viral and reach more eyes and minds than the mainstream media can reach.  The mainstream media is left with the most unintelligent and uninformed viewers and even these leftovers from the “useful idiot” demographic of US politics are losing interest in politics and media altogether.  So astroturfers are hired to comment on the medias own stories and output in much the same way as Hillary’s campaign events are choreographed with actors and packaged visuals.

The social media era has made the mainstream media as useful as a typewriter or fax machine.

The mainstream media is dead.

Donald Trump surely sends his condolences.



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