#HillarysVans #HillarysHealth #StoolMobile



UPDATE: 9/11/16 Hillary leaves 9/11 ceremony early due to medical episode. Motorcade called with van to retrieve her and take her to hospital. DEVELOPING

As she was leaving she held her hand to her chest and her other hand was held by an aide. This technique is used to hide Parkinson’s disease tremors.


If you look at the video closely, you see that her regular Secret Service detail is not surprised but the local white shirt officers come running when she collapses. This indicates this is not a new development but her poor health has become a regular routine.

Now consider the emails uncovered that mention the drug Provigil and it all makes sense. Hillary has Parkinson’s disease, is tired often and has seizures and difficulty swallowing which causes the coughing fits.

UPDATE TWO: Hillary’s doctor has declared she has pneumonia and is “recovering.” Pneumonia is a common ailment among Parkinson’s sufferers as they swallow things into their lungs. The media has circled the wagons and it will likely be weeks until more seizures, tremors and weakness will cause the truth to be known.

Problem: When your name is Hillary Clinton, your health is impaired and even the step into an SUV seems like climbing Mount Everest, what is there to do?

#HillarysVans of course!

A quick photo montage of ubiquitous #HillarysVans and why she needs them:


#HillarysStools were too much of a pain – and embarrassing if seen by bystanders.


Still not Princess Grace…but better than the stool. Even a 6 inch step is a mountain.

But what is the real reason for the van? Why not just use the low Cadillac limousines? Well, the van has an exclusive feature the limousines don’t:


A place for putting all those #HillarysStools.


The trusty #Stoolmobile is everywhere. It’s always ready when debate hall restrooms have pesky nobodies in them who often annoy.


And no need to wipe it with a cloth or delete all the stools – the Secret Service is there for that.


And Hillary is waving goodbye as she leaves in her trusty #StoolMobile with her medical assistant nearby.






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