Hillary’s Last Stand


The truth is out there.

And the truth is Donald J. Trump has already sewn up this election.

The media is apoplectic and throwing “kitchen sink” stories at anything and everything; the polling industry is working overtime to paint a picture that has no basis in reality; the candidate is making desperate speeches criticizing US citizens while seeking favor from foreign nationals.  She is heading to the most devastating defeat in modern electoral history.

Almost everyone hates Hillary-even those who are paid to endorse her and sing her praises. Only the most corrupt of the US population will vote for her because somehow they will gain from her preserving the status quo; hedge fund managers, teachers unions and those who may see some power or financial loss from a Donald Trump presidency. But these are few in number to those who stand to gain.  Trump has consolidated the blue collar class and stripped it from the Democratic party.  They know they will have jobs, job security and a future with Trump.  All Clinton has left is the minority vote.  But the woman who called black youth “super-predators” and said they must be “brought to heel,” like dogs, is no friend of the black community and more are becoming aware of this, despite the media goosestepping.

Trump has made huge inroads with the black vote and this distresses Clinton’s handlers and pollsters to no end.  All they have left is to try and paint him as a racist figure and his supporters as racists.  She wants to bring the black voters “to heel” and vote for her as they are “supposed to.”

But the media is relentless. They hope they can create a sense of perception that implies Trump is behind and always has to “do something” to get better.


Rare photograph of media in complete lockstep.

Why lie?

Because the only way for Hillary Clinton to win this election is to steal it.

To do what Clintons do best: lie and cheat.

So the media tries to “prepare & condition” the public for a Donald Trump loss with endless negative coverage, bogus polls and a cult-like control of media messaging and censoring social media and the internet.  The media did the same thing when Trump was trying to secure the nomination. Unfortunately for them, the people weren’t listening and the mainstream media, consultant & polling industry lost all credibility.

Clinton is ill. She is so sick she can’t even do the minimum appearances required of a decent Presidential campaign. She travels around in a thinly disguised ambulance, with a toilet, doctors and bed.  She has been ill for a long time, but protecting the Clinton empire of corruption requires always being a part of government and corrupting it.  So she will be wheeled into the Oval Office if she has to be, so long as she is in a position to skirt prosecution for her many crimes against the people of the United States.  She hides from the press, because the special interests she represents owns them.

Her speech against the “alt-right” was a speech against people who realize the media lies and are forming a new media.  The old media is as sick as Hillary. Their numbers are down, they have no revenues except the money Hillary’s special interests pay them for commercial spots. People don’t watch TV news anymore. They don’t read the New York Times.  They read tweets and stuff posted to social media.  Equality has finally caught up with the mainstream media and their monopolizing daily news while editing it to push their agenda.

Hillary’s going down. The primaries and Bernie Sanders sealed her fate. Even the quick Associated Press coronation before California was too little, too late for Hillary- who is despised and loathed by millions & millions of Democrats and whose weak primaries were the most accurate poll of all. The divide is real and no media stories are talking about it. After Bernie was politically assassinated by the DNC and the AP, those stories were censored.  The truth? If just half of the Bernie Sanders primary voters stay home-Hillary will lose in the biggest disaster since the Hindenburg explosion.

But you wont hear them say that.  They wont tell you that Trump has sewn up the South and has the key battleground states locked up.  They have no qualms about lying. These are the same folks, after all, who plotted against Bernie Sanders and robbed him of the Democrat nomination.  Honesty is not in their repertoire.

And they are flailing.  Each day they communicate with each other, coordinating daily talking points, trying to hide their communications and crimes as they try to elect Hillary Clinton- the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of President.   And each day, the real polls, the ones that never see the light of day, keep showing that Trump is a juggernaut and his movement is unstoppable.

But their actions are being monitored now.  They blame “the Russians” for revealing their crimes.  The Utah Data Center isn’t in Russia.  The truth? Our own government is releasing and hacking the corrupt DNC, HRC, Clinton Foundation and all the major media outlets.

And the Clintons & media know the Sword of Damocles is about to drop on their neck.  Politics will never be the same.  The media as we knew it is dead and will never recover. The new media has supplanted it. Julian Assange of Wikileaks, after this election is over, may become the most famous whistle-blower of all time and earn a spot in the history books.

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