Being a paid actor for Hillary’s campaign is apparently no fun. The pay sucks, the confidentiality agreement is ridiculous and they treat you like a prop. Hillary’s campaign for President is one big fraud after another.  Everything is either fake or a lie. When your support is almost non-existent you need a complicit media to help you try to create the perception of support.

So Hillary buses in crowds of actors to every event. After not being able to fill up Barnes & Noble stores during her failed book tour, her PAC learned bad optics are no good.  So they brought people with them in a bus.


It didn’t sell any more books, but at least they could control optics better with a few bodies besides the media. Two years later and even less popular, the Hillary campaign realized they needed to bring entire crowds, props and stage each rally so that a complicit media would have something to photograph besides empty space and chairs.


A Hillary rally is a staged media affair with their own actors in key positions in front of the cameras.  Like a Hollywood stage set it’s much smaller than it looks on the screen.


Curtains, signs, platforms are all set up in advance. The actors are positioned on the stage and then the media is allowed in.  The media cage is carefully positioned behind the controlled optics.

The media never reports on this staging.


Not once.

I wonder why? Oh, that’s right-they are corrupt and owned by folks pushing Hillary.


Sometimes the buses are even used as the background prop. It makes unloading the people, platforms and props quicker.  The media carefully crops the shots to preserve the impression of a large gathering.


All very carefully controlled. But few honest images emerge from these events. Why? Because they are often closed to the public. Yes, mixing actors with real people is awkward. Real people that tend to support Hillary are often rather unattractive, inside and out.  Again, bad optics.  Much easier to just hire actors. One of the tells of the actors is that they cast predominately under 35 crowds heavy on minorities and young white males.  Bernie Sanders filling up stadiums with 18-25 year olds made a big impression on the Hillary campaign and they hire actors they feel will obscure her deficit with young voters. Amazingly few old people, besides Hillary, to be found on a Hillary campaign stage set.

#HillarysFraud is one of the biggest con jobs the media and complicit polling industry have hoisted on the nation. We now live in a twisted reality where the media paints an entire lie to deceive the masses complete with fake polls, fake articles and fake video.

#HillarysFraud is designed to enable the stealing of an election.  She has to appear like a viable candidate with lots of support when the reality is she barely can manage 20 percent national support. No accurate polls are being released. Can that many polling firms/institutions be in on the fix? Yes. The people who work in polling firms are much like the unholy relationship the pharmaceutical industry has with the FDA-a revolving door of pharm company people in the FDA to facilitate drug approvals. With polling firms the campaigns and parties have a long incestuous relationship. They are all corrupt. Bar none. The DNC, Hillary campaign and media managed to rig the primaries and rip off Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters with the complicit Associated Press who declared her victory even before the California vote.

The AP is a big player in the corruption process. The AP has people on the ground all over the US. In each county they have a body with the county clerk and when they report the vote, they influence perception. How? They can choose to report “portions” of the real vote ahead of complete numbers to alter perception. Sadly, this done all the time. “Exit polls” are another tool they use and distribute worldwide to control what people think before the voting is even completed. It’s all part of controlling public perception.

So #HillarysFraud is a concerted effort by the media and special interests to steal the Presidential election. Every day, every article, every poll and every bit of media you get from mainstream sources is part of this fraud. Even the media that tries to present itself as “fair” or “balanced” is anything but.

Be “woke.”
Be prepared.
The theft has been a long time planned and is coming.

UPDATE 10/6/2016
Apparently others have also noted the entirely fake actors used for Hillary campaign productions. A must watch from Spanglevision:

UPDATE 10/25/2016
Media reports Hillary doing well in Florida. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Florida Hillary Clinton is down by 15 points. Proof of the pudding arrived in the form of a Clinton Kaine rally in which only 30 people showed up:


The mismatch of the media propaganda with reality is so disproportionate it’s farcical. Clinton is failing nationwide.  People ask us how can our polling show Trump 10 points up nationally when right now even the most favorable polls have him up by only 2 points? The answer is simple, we don’t oversample selected sub-demographics within regions to get any particular desired result.  Trump really is 10 points ahead nationwide and in some states that spread pushes 20 points!

During WWII the Nazis broadcast on local radio, fake English broadcasts that said the “Statue of Liberty was in ruins” and the nation had been bombed mercilessly to demoralize the soldiers fighting in the trenches of Europe. That psychological warfare is going on today in the mainstream media who know that independent verification of actual support can’t be measured easily.  That’s why they have never shown the Trump rally crowds because it is a measure of support that Hillary can’t come close to matching.  This is also why Hillary holds so few rallies, even this close to the election, because her deficit in support becomes all the more evident.

George Soros, a devil of globalist meddling, admitted Trump will win “the popular vote in a landslide” but somehow will lose the electoral vote.  He knows the visuals don’t support Hillary, so they must rig the vote outcome in key states while “preparing perception” of such with the mainstream media stories of fake poll numbers.

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