Donald J. Trump is getting serious. After his wildly successful meeting with a foreign head of state while Hillary was courting wealthy donors in the Hamptons, Trump went to Detroit, pressed the flesh and made the most earnest appeal for black votes that a GOP Presidential candidate has ever made. When Hillary appeared in Ohio for a Labor Day rally, she had another coughing fit at the very beginning of the rally and raised the specter of health concerns to an alarming new level, driving the internet crazy with speculation, ridicule – and not surprisingly, little sympathy. Hillary is having an absolutely horrendous week and her poll numbers have tanked by double digits in days – in some places during a single day.

Trump has promised change to black voters and an attention devoted to their plights and needs like no other candidate has. Even then Senator Barack Obama did not promise as much attention to inner cities, security and black education as has Donald Trump in recent days. The optics can’t be more stark. Trump in Detroit shattered the label of “racist” which Hillary tried to hang like an albatross around Trump’s neck. In fact, he seemed quite comfortable in Detroit.

Recent polling firms (which are all in bed w/Clinton & special interests) are doing their “dance” with poll numbers to try to preserve credibility till election day. When Trump is ahead by leaps and bounds they show a small edge. When he is ahead by a little they show him behind. Even so, Trump’s support within the black community has the Hillary campaign in meltdown mode. Rasmussen reported that Trump’s black support has surged to 19 percent. That’s a historic number for a GOP candidate. The truth is a bit more nuanced. Trump’s black support in the Rustbelt and South is higher than in the West. Directorate believes right now Trump’s national black support is at 12 percent – which doubles the showing of Mitt Romney in 2012. Most importantly, it is growing. Trump didn’t just mention inner cities once or make a token gesture – he has turned it into a key part of his campaign. He really wants to bring back the black vote to the GOP and he is the only man who could do it. Trump has a long, positive history with black Americans and his sincerity is obvious.

Hillary is losing the black vote in no small part to her own comments about black youth being “super-predators” and needing to be “brought to heel” back in the ’90s. The result is showing in key battleground states where Trump is gaining traction in black communities. Hillary’s advisors, PACs and campaign believed painting Trump as a racist would somehow permit them to salvage the minority vote and spur a similar turnout as Barack Obama had in ’08 and ’12. Not only is that not happening, but the minority vote was already breaking for Bernie Sanders during the primary. The young millennials never embraced Hillary and still haven’t. This is why Hillary has allegedly had to resort to casting services to provide young actors for her empty rallies.

This is a horrible sign for Hillary. Her real support numbers are dismal and the primary turnout already indicates that Trump will win all sorts of states that Romney lost in ’12. Hillary even lost the white females to Bernie Sanders in Democratic Illinois – another bad portent and a sign that her “woman” message isn’t resonating at all with women.

Hillary’s health is now a national election issue and her Ohio speech with a four minute long coughing fit and the spitting of phlegm into a glass for all to see is a clear sign her health is a serious issue.


An oft-seen medical handler on the trail with her, who made a dramatic appearance during a protest at a rally, has reportedly been identified as a New Jersey MD that specializes in managing epilepsy and seizures. This is an amazing development and the mainstream media has kept silent. Only Drudge Report, some foreign outlets and alternative media are reporting on this Pulitzer Prize worthy story.

Hillary’s campaign is falling apart. The campaign of perception the special interests work so hard to maintain is shattered. Thanks to reveals by Wikileaks and “Russian” hackers who illustrated media duplicity with the DNC, no one believes the media, the polls or the biased “fact checkers” who are obviously now working tirelessly to distort. Hillary’s FBI interview papers which were released on a Friday before Labor Day by Director Comey provide enough material to indict her a hundred times over for various crimes.

Trump is on the clear path to victory. At this point Directorate has used primary turnout numbers, current polls and vital social media data to predict that Trump will win with 286 electoral votes to Hillary’s 252.


At nine weeks out, a lot can change. But if the trends continue and Hillary fails to rally millennials, the working class and relies solely on minorities and those who haven’t been paying any attention to elect her, this projection would likely only be revised to include Pennsylvania and Iowa for Trump.

Trump has gotten serious.

Hillary is in serious trouble.

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