Hillary Poll Collapse – Down by 29 Points!



In case you missed it, Hillary’s chance to become President evaporated on 9/11.  Her seizure and collapse was caught on video and went viral all over the world. After her campaign lied about overheating, they switched to another excuse-pneumonia.  Of course people with the worst pneumonia don’t get seizures and need to be dragged and carried into their medical van/ambulance.


Hillary, leaving the 9/11 ceremony in NY,  hiding apparent Parkinson’s shakes with her hand to her chest and a nurse holding her other arm.

Here we see Hillary’s feet never even move of their own volition. The two burly men literally have to carry her dead weight into the van and she drops down. Her weight was propped up against a pillar until her special van/ambulance arrived to cart her unconscious body away.

To say she is unfit for the Presidency would be the understatement of the year. She is not fit for almost any employment. The polls just coming in demonstrate the nation understands this. She has collapsed across the board, in every state and among every demographic.  Directorate polling shows Clinton trailing Trump by 29 points among those who have seen the video of her collapse.*  It’s huge.  One understands why Google and other Hillary water carriers have apparently been trying to get the video removed from the internet. It’s bigger than any single issue when Hillary can’t even attend a ceremony without medical assistance. Worse still, all the lying about her health by her campaign, the media and her own physician have reinforced the fact that Hillary, and those around her,  are clearly incapable of telling the truth about anything – even when she’s caught and there is video of it!

The media are doing their best to cover up.  Some media reported she “stumbled” others that she was poisoned by Russians. The pneumonia bit was supposed to explain her coughing fits – but Hillary’s been coughing for the past year or more and all evidence points to the fact that she has a degenerative neurological disorder like Parkinson’s disease – and has had it for some time. In 2005 she fainted while giving a paid speech. In 2012 she fainted while giving another speech.  Bill Clinton said she faints “frequently.” She had her staff look into the drug Provigil, back in 2011, a drug which is used to combat fatigue and energy loss associated with Parkinson’s disease:


This explains, in part why she lost to Senator Barack Obama in 2008. If you look at the archives of her speeches during the campaign most were between 8 and 12 minutes.  That’s an incredibly short stump speech and is indicative she already did not have the stamina to compete with Obama’s pace. Here we see her losing all over again, disappearing for days at a time and then appearing for ridiculously short speeches.  She has no real press conferences and her team has been trying to have the debates while sitting down.

It’s an enormous crime to try to foist an extremely ill candidate on the people of the United States.  It’s irresponsible and unethical to the extreme.  Even the media are finding it hard to keep propping up Hillary, just like that pillar did on 9/11.

It’s also a crime for the Secret Service to conceal such a serious ailment from the people. The people have a right to know if a candidate or politician is physically unable to perform their duties. Unfortunately, politicians like the Clinton’s couldn’t care less about The People’s rights or ethics and their actions illustrate this endlessly. Most Secret Service feel divulging Hillary’s health impairment would be compromising their trust and would result in being fired.

As if this collapse wasn’t enough, former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s emails were hacked and released which described Hillary as a greedy, self serving politician who screws everything she touches up with hubris while her husband Bill is ‘dicking bimbos at home.’  Not exactly a glowing endorsement and confirming the corrupt image of Hillary already established with voters.

And before her collapse she had her “Romney moment” declaring half of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables” and “irredeemable.” She’s clearly not on top of things mentally anymore, because any lifelong politician like herself should realize saying such a horrible thing would be a terrible mistake.  Trump has been remarkably active and reaching out to all the reliable Democratic demographics, including blacks, Hispanics and women. Yesterday he revealed a working mother plan that offers more to working women than any Democrat or Republican ever has.

Some Democrats are already suggesting Hillary should be replaced.  They feel she is now unable to be elected and would prefer Biden or someone else to replace her. Others feel it is too late for that and will keep pushing Clinton saying:

“Tim Kaine is ready to be President.”

Not exactly a rallying cry for a campaign.


*Methodology: Polling conducted nationally over 9/14-9/15 of 300 people. Party identification 44% Democratic affiliation, 40% GOP and 16% Independent. Only those who had seen the video footage of Hillary leaving the 9/11 ceremony were included in results.
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