The first debate is over. Hillary delivered memorized responses like one expects from someone who has spent the past 48 years in politics.  Yes, Trump said 30 years – and he was wrong. We dug up Hillary’s concession speech to Barack Obama in 2008:


Yes, Hillary’s ideas are half a century old and now she tells us she has a plan to make it all better on her website. It was a grand farce.

But more importantly, the debate revealed a new nodule on Hillary’s tongue.  As you may recall during the DNC convention her tongue received a lot of attention prior to her seizures and collapse on 9/11.


Her tongue seems to again have a new nodule as visible when she is laughing on the debate stage:


What’s going on?  Our medical experts say that these tongue lesions and nodules could indicate that she is biting down on her tongue when she has seizures.  Since her 9/11 paralysis and collapse video went viral, the world is whispering “Parkinson’s disease” and we see alternative media like Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson lead the charge into investigating the #HillarysHealth scandal and coverup.

As we now see, Hillary is in hiding much of the time. Every public appearance risks people observing things like we observed today – a new nodule.  The pneumonia excuse is discredited by many doctors now and we see the DNC is content to hoist a gravely ill candidate on the American people. This shows that the establishment doesn’t care about Hillary at all and just want anyone in who will be a servant of the globalists. If Hillary dies and Tim Kaine becomes President that’s perfectly fine with them.

The debate summed up in one video clip:

Watch Hillary’s eyes as Trump speaks. Sinister and angry. She is revealed in this first debate in more ways than one.


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