A funny thing has happened.

Hillary has collapsed.

Starting on 9/11, after her seizure, paralysis and unceremonious throwing into the back of a van, Hillary’s numbers tanked. Sure the media circled the wagons, the pollsters tweaked their polls to totally hide it, but almost three weeks have passed since her poor health was revealed and the American people have made their decision.

They have chosen Donald Trump.

The media is in riot mode because the globalists who own these media outlets are in hysterics.  The election is just over a month away and their candidate, Hillary Clinton, is physically unable to do rallies, campaign and has terrible optics.  And now audio was leaked revealing she thinks Bernie supporters are “Basement Dwellers” who live in their parent’s basement.  Alongside her previous comments about half the nation being “deplorable” and “irredeemable,” Hillary has now written off any chance with the Bernie millennials.

She needed them – now more than ever. Trump has made significant inroads with both the African American community and the Hispanics.  Enough to completely shatter the monolithic minority vote Barack Obama was able to muster in 2008 and to a lesser degree in 2012.

With no millennials, a shrinking minority support base and shrinking working class Democrats in key battleground states, who exactly does Hillary have left?

She has Arthur Sulzberger Jr. from the New York Times who has apparently set a target goal of ten negative stories on Trump per day, regardless of whether they be fact or fiction. Running what was left of the failing paper into the ground in a burning blaze of shame.  The coverage of Trump by NYT is so over-the-top biased it has been helping his poll numbers for months – something Hillary’s “brain trust” never actually seems to have realized.  With friends like that Hillary Clinton could use more enemies.

The media are her last friends. Even though she treats them like trash, they faithfully lie, twist and cover up for her. They will do this till and through election day.  Unfortunately whoever the media supports is anathema to the voters in this election cycle.  So when they pile on and say “Trump has had the worst week” the masses just roll their eyes. Others get angry.  Never in the history of the media have they been so disparaged and despised by so many.  This is understandable when we realize Trump set up the media from the beginning on the day he announced his candidacy.  He would strip them of their prestige, pretense and make them lose their masks over the next year.

Their polls were proven false, their predictions were laughably off the mark. Everything they said were lies and their agenda became painfully obvious to anyone observing them cover the elections.  So what good are the media to Hillary now?  They can shout in unison, that “Trump is unfit & may have paid no taxes some years” or even “Trump is having the worst week” and the vast majority of the electorate knows it’s all desperate propaganda.

None even bother to try to justify electing Hillary.  Her lies, corruption and now her health are impossible issues to win.  So instead they just attack Trump.  Hillary is hidden away almost all the time and has a few small, staged events with no real supporters in attendance. Trump is on the trail almost every day, the people have gotten to know Trump and the media lies and stories fall flat and don’t stick. Based on traffic – they are not even seeing or reading them. The media has been tuned out by the electorate.

Trump’s rallies will be remembered as his secret weapon when this election is over and historians look at his Presidency. They made Trump human, affable, amusing, entertaining and down to Earth.  Millions of Americans have seen him care for the suffering, the down trodden and those who’ve been forgotten or abused by our government.  Trump is in voters living rooms almost every night and Trump is like a member of the family.

Hillary is the shrill, smug candidate whose voice and demeanor is toxic.  She’s not a likeable person and even the soundstage type rally productions have not helped.  That’s why Sanders was kicking her tail in so many states. That’s why the millennials never warmed up to her and, in fact, often now loathe her for what she did to Bernie.

Trump is having the best week ever.  His poll numbers are way above Hillary’s nationally and he is winning the key states he needs to win that Hillary can’t afford to lose. Florida is already wrapped up, so is Ohio and Virginia is solidly leaning Trump.  Pennsylvania is  in play.  That hasn’t happened for a GOP candidate since 1988 when G.H.W. Bush beat Michael Dukakis.  That’s horrible news for Clinton. Let’s recall what the outcome looked like when a GOP won Pennsylvania:


Could Trump’s victory be this big of a landslide?  Could California actually be in play too? Is this why the media is trying to control perception? Well, the Los Angeles Times says Trump is up by 5.6 percent. This election is hard for the media to pin down and conventional polling is not delivering accurate results.  Trump’s voters are the quiet majority and the millions of people who have attended his rallies are the vocal minority. When polled they keep their preferences to themselves. In states like CA, AZ and Texas with high numbers of illegal alien residents the Trump supporters speak softly and vote big league.  Brexit polls said “stay” was up by 10 points on voting day and they were off – way off.

We think CA is solid Hillary, but that we even had to consider that CA just might be in play, due to Hillary’s dismal poll numbers, is a sign of just how big the landslide Trump will win with on election day. Our latest projection has been updated since Hillary’s 9/11 collapse, the terror attacks on our nation and Hillary’s “basement dweller” comment that has gone viral on the web among Bernie supporters.


313 Electoral votes for Trump and 225 for Hillary.

Trump has had the best week ever.

Don’t expect the media to tell you about it.


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  1. Are you high. This is dated 10/2. 9/11 was almost a month, not week ago. Also, your statement, “Trump is having the best week ever. His poll numbers are way above Hillary’s,” please provide attribution. I am neither a Trump or Clinton supporter, however I am a supporter of fact based, not opinion based, news.


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