TWITTER Caught Shadowblocking Millions of Conservative Tweets


Jack Dorsey. Seriously creepy dude who doesn’t like laws.


Since at least October 1st, 2016, Twitter has been engaged in blocking the visibility of millions of tweets from accounts that hold conservative political beliefs. That this is illegal discrimination doesn’t seem to stop them. Laws, after all, are only to be obeyed by conservatives. For the left, and people like Jack Dorsey, laws seem to mean little.

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) complained about becoming a political target and wrote a story about it on his blog. He had asked Trump supporters to share stories about violence or harassment they had received. The responses he described as “chilling.”  He then realized he had been shadowblocked by Jack and Twitter.  He saw his posts and comments, but no one else did.  Directorate was shadowblocked too, we tested it and took screen shots from various accounts to document the blocking.

More chilling is that a major social media network thinks it can get away with mass shadowblocking of people whose thoughts they don’t want people to hear.

Jack Dorsey doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to integrity, so I guess that Twitter being molded in his image isn’t a surprise.  It may come as a surprise to stockholders though, that Twitter is now just Jack’s latest circle jerk for people who support Hillary.

UPDATE: 10/16/2016

Twitter is still censoring and shadowblocking millions of conservative tweets and accounts, resulting in a one sided media free for all pushing MSM fake polls and fake stories on Twitter. Fortunately, this activity has been forwarded to all the would be suitors of Twitter as well along with the inconvenient fact that Twitter is compromised by dark government entanglements that would come with a purchase. The result: No sale Jack.

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