The Trump Revolution and why Hillary’s Already Lost Despite The Tapes



What news is so horrible that it needs to be censored by the mainstream social media and offset by oversampled polls and endless negative stories about Donald Trump?

The inconvenient truth that Hillary Clinton is losing in the polls and going to lose the election.

“But wait, I read endless tweets by MSM outlets about Hillary being ahead and surging? Are you saying these weren’t true?”


The Hillary campaign has already given up in the bell-weather state of Ohio. The media are now forced to say Ohio isn’t important.  DIRECTORATE already explained in June that Ohio was already Trump’s. It was obvious when 800,000 more voters turned out for a GOP candidate than a Democrat one. The media keeps putting out doctored polls to imply she is leading in Florida.  Sadly, for Hillary, she’s losing there as well. Trump already brought out 600,000 more voters for the GOP in Florida than the Democrats could muster. Nothing has reversed this trend and the Trump juggernaut has magnified.

As if this isn’t enough, a YouGov poll about the voting preferences of Sanders’ primary voters indicates that only 52% of them will vote for Hillary and 15% of them said they will vote for Trump. Think about that!  What do the #NeverHillary Sanders voters mean for the electoral map?  They mean Trump will win Pennsylvania as well.


Pennsylvania Democrat voters outnumbered GOP voters by 100,000 in the primary.  But 700,000 of the Democrat voters voted for Sanders.  If only 52% of those vote for Hillary it leaves Trump 250,000 votes ahead!  And then when you add the 15% that say they intend to vote for Trump that gives him another 105,000 Sanders voters in Pennsylvania for a lead of 355,000 votes.

So that’s why the media is apoplectic and Hillary is throwing 100s of millions of dollars in attack ads in both Pennsylvania and Florida.  The media lies outright, shadowbans the conservative voices to create and support a false perception that this race is “close” or Hillary is ahead. Nothing could be further from the truth. The media’s job is to create perception and make people think its close – enabling the stealing of the election because they know they can’t win any other way.

With Pennsylvania won, it’s already checkmate for crooked Hillary Clinton.  But there’s far more.  She’s not just destined for a loss, but a monumental loss.  Those “basement dwellers” are also going to give Trump Michigan. Already the GOP outnumbered Dem votes in the primary (1,324,621 versus 1,194,643 votes) but 595,222 of those Dem votes were for Sanders!  Plug in that YouGov Sanders voters 52% support for HRC & 15% for Trump once again and you have a Trump surplus of 510,000 votes!

One is tempted to laugh when media types cite doctored polls with oversampling cooked up to say whatever they want the poll result to be or when someone like Nate Silver create models on these crooked polls instead of the real, actual primary votes. But when you realize they are on the feeding trough with the rest of the consultant class, one understands their lies and deception are all based in self interest.

Just for fun, let’s look at Colorado. Colorado stopped holding primaries in 2000 and use caucuses.  The caucus is much harder to accurately use to gauge vote turnout in the General Election.  Colorado became a blue state starting in 2008 with Obama’s election.  This year it favored Sanders over Hillary by 60%/40%.  In 2012 Obama won with 138,000  more votes. Projecting the same basic party divide, and even giving growth to the Democrat party over the past four years, still returns a result that means Trump wins Colorado as well.

The “Basement Dwellers” are destroying Hillary in every state that Sanders won. And this isn’t even taking into account the effect that Hillary’s 9/11 seizure and collapse will have on the election. She lost long before being thrown into the back of a van, incapacitated.

That’s what Twitter, Google, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, AP, NYTimes, WaPo and all the rest don’t want you to know: Trump is winning in a landslide. Election fraud is facilitated when people don’t know the truth.

Why did Lester Holt ask if Trump would “accept the outcome” of the election? Because they intend to steal it and hope Trump imitates Bernie Sanders and accepts it. This corrupt system is now exposed. A corrupt FBI, DOJ and Executive Branch – working to elect the corrupt candidate.  Why should one expect them to be honest now?

Of course they will try to steal the US election. It’s farcical to expect anything else.

They fear a revolution against their endless litany of crimes.  Millions of  angry Americans could easily overthrow the govt.  Why else would the obvious flunky Lester Holt be told to ask that question by his masters? They have broadcasted their intent in advance and we may see the United State’s founding history repeat itself.

Update: 10/8/2016

The Hillary campaign in coordination with the Bush family and the GOP establishment have pulled the trigger on their “leak campaign” October surprise. It was an impressive rollout of video/audio that makes Trump look bad, followed by corrupt Bush era cronies, existing Saudi stooges (those who will face charges in ’17 for corruption) saying they can no longer support Trump and that he should step down.

Reports from sources close to her household detail report that Hillary had another seizure on Thursday. She’s already living an “assisted living hospice” style life in her compound/hospital. No one who is privy to her health problems thinks she would be able to fulfill the duties of President for one minute. One particularly cynical establishment journalist put it thus: “She is a Saudi placeholder. Our job is just to get her elected, before she dies.”

So expect a whole month of these “Trump is a sexist monster” Grunwald engineered attacks. They have an empire to lose. The riches from looting the people of America are great indeed.

The people are at the cliff and the establishment are telling them to jump and abandon Trump and their country because of some Hollywood trash talk. Such insanity would be wholly unrealistic in an 90s novel, much less 2016.  The Clinton’s already know this. They lived out the “move on” election of ’96 and handily won despite actions far, far worse than ratings generating trash talk on Access Hollywood, Howard Stern or The Apprentice.


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3 thoughts on “The Trump Revolution and why Hillary’s Already Lost Despite The Tapes

  1. The Politik agrees with you. Called it in August that Trump is winning a landslide.

    — GOP had a net gain of +18 million primary votes since 2008, the last time the Democrats and Republicans had a primary together. Dems went from 38 to 30 M. GOP went from 21 to 31 million
    — Obama only beat Romney by 5 million votes…. Trump may have already made it up and easily won, just with new voters he brought into the primary alone.
    — Oustide of the Romney joke of a loss, the GOP has been defeating Democrats in every type of election imagineable since 2009 (senate seats, house seats, state legislatures, governors… every type. That’s never happened for the GOP, even back in the 1860s. Big Government, globalist oppression has been losing for nearly a decade… the media just doesn’t want you paying attention
    — the Democrats only won the 2012 election because Obama is black.
    – Obama being the top of the ticket drew 17 million black voters, which he won 16 million to 1 for an advantage of 15 million votes
    – Mitt Romney won the other 105 million voters (87% of the country) by a 10 point landslide
    — The Democrats will not be able to turn out the black vote as much, because they have no candidate to be enthused about, she will lose millions of votes right there
    — The margin will be big in black vote for Hillary, but not nearly as big as the 93-6 margin Obama won them. If you take the depressed turnout + Trump cutting into the margin by 5-10%… the result is a catastrophic collapse of their only true rock solid support
    — 60 million voters punched a ballot for the GOP. 65 million punched a ballot for the Democrats. 105 million people stayed home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    — Those 105 million are mostly the forgotten white voters that both parties kicked out of society. They’ve had nobody to speak for them or fight for them for decades.
    – Trump brought an enormous amount of them into the primary. In total he brought in 10 million new voters that made up democrats that left the party recently, and some of that 105 million that don’t vote. It’s hard to guess how many came from where. But we know that primaries are typically only a fraction of what the general brings in. And its usually anywhere from a 150-200% increase. Sometimes more. If Trump brought in 10 million new voters into the primary alone, and captures a normal republican vote otherwise, he wins. If he brings in 20-25 million more…. he wins in the biggest landslide in the history of US elections.

    It will be bigger Reagan-Carter, Reagan-Mondale…. Nixon…. FDR.

    That’s why the media is in full panic.

    It’s over.

    It shouldn’t be close.

    And it might be the worst defeat of an oppressive government in election history.

    This is 1776 again… only this time, we are hoping to avoid a war…. just as the founding fathers envisioned.

    They new we would have revolutions again and again.

    This is a revolution.

    And its only in its infant stages.


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