Trump: Powerful Persuasion


The twentieth century is the century in which the most progress in all fields occurred.  Science and technology brought planes, automobiles, television, telephones, computers, rockets, satellites and the internet.   Psychology also was furthered and names like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung became household names.

Many companies formed and mass industrialization and a mass market emerged to sell goods and services to a growing population and market. At this same time the “advertising firm” became a major influence in corporate distribution and sales.

Advertising is a science.  At its heart is one word: persuasion.

Persuasion. N.

: the act of causing people to do or believe something : the act or activity of persuading people

Print media dominated the first half of the century and television the second half. The science of persuasion was used constantly in almost all advertising.  The public was largely unaware of the science of persuasion being used against them and  only after Vance Packard’s  “The Hidden Persuaders” was published in 1957 did the public really start to realize that they were being manipulated by scientists and their observation of human nature.

People don’t respond logically to persuasion because persuasion appeals to more than just reason. Persuasion appeals to emotional responses ad things that humans have little control over. Persuasion became ever more sophisticated and the pollsters appeared on the scene to extract more data about people and their weaknesses.

Today audio of Trump talking to Hollywood types in a bus was leaked to the press. In it Trump talks about his attraction to beautiful women and how he wants to kiss them.  A visual came out of the tape as he emerges from the bus and on to the sound stage:


This is persuasive imagery. Male. Virile. Powerful. Desirable. Happy.

Meanwhile the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton has her own leaked video image:


This is also persuasive imagery: Frail. Sick. Weak. Helpless. Sad.

In the battling world of persuasion, Trump’s image may hurt a bit with certain demographics, but Hillary’s imagery is a disaster with all demographics.

In the persuasion war Trump is winning, even when he is attacked by his opponents, they often seem to reinforce his position. Affirming that Trump is a heterosexual and talked smack with other Hollywood personalities is supposed to harm him with women.

But is this good persuasion? No. Trump is being portrayed as a virile man who likes beautiful women.  Rationally, it is supposed to make him seem like a monster misogynist. But instead it subliminally reaffirms that he LIKES women.  As anti-women persuasion this just doesn’t work well.  This was the same problem with the Megyn Kelly attack about “calling women Pigs, slobs and dogs.” This approach to portraying Trump as a judgmental misogynist fails.

True misogynists don’t like women and work tirelessly to harm them.  When Trump and Clinton’s record on women are compared Trump has helped women countless times and Clinton has trashed women countless times. The Clinton campaign has failed to persuade people that Trump truly hates women.The reverse is true, they keep persuading people he truly likes women and wants to be liked by women.

Persuasion is a science.  Playboy magazine published a piece that Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon might be left leaning scientists who can persuade:

As of now, we see very little to imply anyone with real persuasion skills is helping Hillary in any meaningful way. Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams, has blogged about a secret “Godzilla” of persuasion who could turn things around for Clinton.  We really don’t think that’s possible. Persuasion based on truth is ten times more powerful than persuasion based on lies.  Trump’s movement is the result of truthful persuasion. Trump has revealed the corrupt and “rigged” system of politics, media and even corporate trade practices.   His persuasion technique of repetition of the truth is unbeatable persuasion.  He knew he would not win this election based on personality or his hair style, rather he would rely on delivering the truth and keep increasing the dosage every few weeks.

First the politicians were stupid.  This was true and he made his case. Then they were “stupid” and or “taken care of,” expanding the truth. Finally, he revealed that the system was corrupt that the politicians were in on the fix and were actively working against the interests of the citizens of the US.

Truth based persuasion is powerful stuff.  Trump’s many millions of supporters created a movement that is without equal because they realize it is truth.  Trump serves up powerful persuasion with every single rally he makes.  Repetition of truth is stronger than titanium.

And what has Trump persuaded?  He has persuaded the people that the US is in grave trouble;  that the economy is about to collapse under the weight of bad trade deals and open borders; that he is the last chance the public will ever get to vote for a man who can change the system because he is not beholden to the system.

This is more powerful persuasion than that served up by his opponent:  Trump is a monster, is Hitler and would be bad for the country.  None of these ring true and without truth, as persuaders they fail next to Trump’s truth-based persuasion.

Trump stuck with the issues during the debate not because he wanted to spare Chelsea’s feelings.  Trump stuck with the issues because his persuasion need not rely on the fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist or that the Clinton’s have been a national embarrassment since they appeared on the political stage decades ago.

Trump won the first debate, not because of memorized, rote answers, but because viewers could see him stand up against the corrupt system he has educated them about. All he needs to do is reinforce the truth – that Hillary Clinton has been selling out the country to enrich herself; that she is part of the corrupt establishment that has destroyed the middle class; that her policies kept the inner cities poor and oppressed; that her policies destroyed the Middle East and created ISIS and the migration catastrophe.

Hillary can’t win this late in the game.  Even a group of master persuaders can’t easily persuade people to ignore the truth, especially when that truth pertains to their well being. Not in 30 days time. Even Joe Camel can’t save Hillary now.



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