Hillary is Eviscerated Live on TV and FCC Doesn’t Shut it Down!


Chelsea and Bill Clinton watch as Hillary Clinton is mauled before their eyes.

Donald Trump destroyed Hillary’s Presidential bid in a hyper-focused, merciless fact-based take down. Watching Hillary reach for the “It’s all lies” response to her emails was like watching roadkill squirming after being hit and then watching another dozen cars run over it. She couldn’t defend her actions and Trump wouldn’t let the moderators cover for her either.

Then on Obamacare he roasts Hillary and Anderson Cooper who keeps interrupting him and badgering him. Two for one:

Trump takes the question that Martha Raddatz tacked onto to make it about the leaked Access Hollywood lewd comments and then turns it into the crucifixion of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton who have made a career of destroying women’s lives:

Meanwhile CNN was caught coaching their “focus group” actors on what to say as the cameras roll. Never in history has the media been revealed to be completely corrupt and engaged in crimes against society:

After the debate was over, Hillary was allegedly given more meds by her doctor who was nearby. Apparently Hillary can’t go for any period of time without them without showing severe symptoms. Symptoms of Parkinson’s/brain damage flared up anyway and her left eye started rolling around again on her campaign plane. Nath Watkins caught the video as it aired. Watch closely:


Anyone privy to real polling realizes that Hillary was losing before this debate and has pushed herself down in key BG states and with the groups she needed to win over.

This was one of the most entertaining and informative of Presidential debates in the history of such events.  The mainstream media has been shown to be “Soviet Union” grade propaganda paid for by people looting the masses and enslaving the poor and middle classes.  Trump championed American citizens, eviscerated Hillary with her own record and actions and amazingly the FCC didn’t shut it down.  100 million viewers watched it happen – live.  And millions more around the world will see it in video clips.


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