Donald Trump shows a surge of support and leads Hillary Clinton by 8 percentage points. Poll conducted after the “Trump tape” scandal and with the first glimpses of the race after the second Presidential debate.  Trump’s commanding performance seems to have hurt Hillary particularly hard with Independent voters.  Trump’s risky move to showcase Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims does not seem to have hurt him and may have helped. Hillary’s email troubles and the Wikileaks revelations seem to be particular points that continue to dog Hillary with the voters.

Asked whether Wikileaks influenced their decision a whopping 32% replied in the affirmative.  This is unprecedented influence. 2016 will be the coming of age of the internet influenced election.


Wikileaks can now be considered a major player in the US elections particularly among millennial voters who obtain most of their news via the internet.  Independents, too, seem to be more strongly influenced by Wikileaks than either those who identify as GOP or Democrat.

During the Presidential debate Wikileaks was mentioned by both candidates and the moderators. Wikileaks was portrayed by Hillary Clinton thus during the debate:

“But you know, let’s talk about what’s really going on here Martha, because our intelligence community just came out and said, in the last few days, that the Kremlin, meaning Putin and the Russian government, are directing the attacks, the hacking on American accounts, to influence our election.  And WikiLeaks is part of that as are other sites, where the Russians hack information, we don’t even know it’s accurate information, and then they put it out.”

So Clinton presented Wikileaks as a Russian attack and that it may not be accurate. Her paid Wall Street speeches were revealed by Wikileaks and she (perhaps unintentionally) confirmed the validity of them when she claimed she was referring to Abraham Lincoln when talking to Wall Street about holding a “private” and “public position” on issues.

With Wikileaks continuing to release extremely damaging material about Hillary Clinton and her associates as well as inappropriate relationships with the media and government, we expect that Wikileaks will become even more influential before the November 8th election.

The major “mainstream” media outlets are now largely discredited as a source of honest news and polls.  CNN was caught coaching actors what to say during a “focus group of undecided Ohio voters.”  (Ohio had 800,000 more voters turnout for the GOP than Democrats during the Primary and has all but been conceded as a loss for Clinton)  It’s painful to watch the propaganda sausage being made:

The age of MSM dominance on “public perception” is clearly over and alternative and independent media are being turned to as the corruption keeps being revealed.

Update: 6:40PM

Not surprisingly, this news is being shadowbanned on Twitter and Facebook right now.  It appears and disappears at the censor’s whims. The media works in lockstep to protect their expensively crafted illusion.

Update 10/12/16 5:05 PM

A few thoughts.  Not surprisingly the media spun out some new polls after this was released all showing Hillary ahead.  More bogus claims of inappropriate behavior have been served up by the New York Times, CBS and more.  Wikileaks has illustrated the corruption between the media and the HRC campaign.  You have to ask yourself, if Hillary were really up by “double digits” why would the media be working so insanely hard with a new negative story about Trump every hour?

Why? The answer is they know the truth. They know Trump is up by 8 points and is poised to win Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They have access to the  same “real” polling we do.  They know Hillary is down for the count, has lost this election and election theft is their final option. A falsified media narrative helps permit the theft of the election. Hoping the masses don’t know it’s all rigged. But with Wikileaks and US government employees upholding their oaths and working against treason, that will likely not be as easy as they would hope.  In a government where the head is rotten and the corruption has tainted thousands, one sees that they have so much to lose if their corruption is revealed and work together for self-preservation.

This is a revolution.

Whether or not it will be a non-violent revolution depends on the depths of ignorance of the corrupt puppet masters controlling our President and politicians. President Richard Nixon was brought down by the media for 1/1000th of the crimes *documented* by this administration. The media are part of the corrupt establishment and the people themselves are now tasked with bringing justice and law back to the government created by We the People and for We the People.  The foreign masters of our corrupt politicians live overseas and could care less about justice or even the political servants they pay to compromise our country.  Like Hillary said, she works for the end of American sovereignty pushing hemispheric open borders and open trade -to loot America’s wealth for her puppet master friends. President Obama has been flooding the US with dangerous illegal immigrants who refuse to assimilate, flying them covertly to each state with taxpayer funds, and has been breaking immigration laws daily for years now.  The power of the United States is that even the President is monitored 24/7, his communications recorded and even his most classified orders, documented.   When a President goes rogue, or politicians sell out to foreign countries- People know.  Wikileaks is now acting as a non-corrupt FOIA without redacting to protect crimes against We the People.



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  1. This is an excellent piece that reflects much of what I have been thinking over the last week. I still think Trump will win the election on Nov 8, mainly because people desperately want change, do not agree with globalised governance where they have no sovereignty and also because the standard of living of most Americans has and will continue to decline under Clinton.

    I think most voters are willing to give Trump a go for 4 years to see what he can do. They are justified in doing so.

    Not that you would believe this from reading the MSM’s shrill anti-Trump campaign. As the CNN stitch up shows, they are laughably in the bag for Clinton and ridiculously biased against Trump. These days the MSM only has influence with their declining echo chamber of readers who all think the same way, but outside that they are pretty much perceived as inaccurate, untrustworthy, biased and not credible.

    The only thing I would add is that I suspect it isn’t just millenials abandoning legacy media, but huge swathes of the population across every demographic. It is difficult to take them seriously.

    The other issue is the incompetence of the Clinton campaign team. Granted, their candidate is terrible. But take these tapes from 2005 where Trump shows himself to be what we all knew he was (alpha, sex-mad male). Did anyone from the Clinton team consider the blowback releasing these would cause? Yes, the tape was shocking and the undecideds would definitely view Trump’s words unfavourably. But then, most undecideds would then balance his words with Hillary’s obvious smearing of female victims of sexual assault – and then evaluate this as far worse conduct, which it is. In other words, it’s an own goal to attack Trump as anti-women as a way of going after the undecideds. It should have been obvious that releasing the tape would open the door for Trump to go in hard against Hillary. This is just one of many other examples of incompetence by Clinton’s team.


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