BREAKING: Julian Assange Targeted by Hillary Cabal


Julian Assange has had his internet connection severed at the Ecuadorian Embassy where he is living. This event comes after Wikileaks made three cryptic tweets on Twitter.






“State party” translates to the US government exerting influence because of the enormous damage Wikileaks has done to exposing corrupt players in the US government and the Hillary Clinton crime syndicate.  These pre-commitments are cryptography shares or keys that enable users to access encrypted data . The recipients use the string of data to unlock other encrypted data. The severing of Assange’s internet access, naturally, implies guilt and fear.  The secrets of this administration hold many high crimes and misdemeanors.

Because Wikileaks is broadcasting these keys over Twitter, the assumption is that the recipients of these keys are many and that if one is unable to unlock the data another will. They hope by disconnecting Assange from the internet that he will not be able to receive any return data or issue more keys.

We had a bit of fun with this and already sent a return key before his internet was severed.



While this key was gibberish and might help you self-destruct the Starship Enterprise if Klingons are boarding, it doesn’t do anything else. We sent it mainly to see what reaction it might trigger. We suspect we were partially responsible for the escalation in justified paranoia by corrupt elements of our government and their corporate masters as our tweet was forwarded to the NSA by one of their “corporate partners,” revealing them as well. So, it worked. 🙂

Waking up to the level of corruption now present in the halls of our government is shocking and we are not surprised they are trying to silence Assange.  Trillions of dollars looted out of America or redistributed to US special interests are at stake in this election and as we have pointed out Trump is ahead in all the BG states and up by 10 points nationally – largely due to the Wikileak revelations.

All of Directorate‘s links have been shadowblocked on Twitter and Facebook so if you are reading this it has somehow slipped through the cracks or their blocking algorithm permits viewing for short periods.

We’ll update this with news as it comes in, but we know many are wondering just what those tweets were about and feared they meant harm had come to Julian Assange. As of this writing he is safe and we suspect he will remain safe. If something happened to him it could spur revolution in an already percolating US and perhaps throughout the world.

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