Grassroots “Trump Protests” all Faked by the DNC – Including Trump Hotel Opening


The recently released Project Veritas videos have revealed that the DNC organized protests and violence at Trump rallies. We noted that in the video a yellow and black protest sign was framed on the wall. At Directorate we had identified the yellow and black signs as the sign of organized “non-grassroots” protests but the video lets us confirm that almost all the protests were funded by the DNC and Hillary Campaign.


Note the yellow & black sign on the wall.

Now let’s look at the Trump protests over the past year:







Let’s look a bit closer at that sign…


Actors. People paid to protest. Look at these women and their faces. They are all looking down, almost ashamed of what they are doing for the corrupt DNC. But they need the money.

Yes, ALL the media stories about the people being angry with Trump and protesting him were false and pure propaganda paid for by the DNC. The corporate media reports the fake news that the corporate owned DNC creates.

Will the corporate media cover this story? Nope. It’s up to the people to share, post and make others aware of the truth!


UPDATE: 10/26/16

Trump’s hotel protest also orchestrated by same DNC thugs.


That’s why the woman has such a passive face. She is paid to be there and carry the sign by the DNC. The media covers it to pretend it’s a valid viewpoint when no one really holds that viewpoint or it is statistically non-existent.

We now  project a 313 electoral vote blowout based upon the latest primaries model and the Sanders effect – only 52% of Sanders voters will vote Hillary.


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