No, We Can’t “Unsee” Behind The Establishment Curtain



The world is forever altered. Donald J. Trump has accomplished the most incredible feat of all.  He has revealed just how corrupt the United States government has become.  He has done this prior to becoming our 45th President.  We can’t “unsee” the collusion between the State Department and the FBI or the FBI and the DOJ.  We can’t ignore that President Obama not only knew about her illegal server, but sent her insecure messages on it.  We can’t ignore that both parties have been revealed to be one giant “establishment” party that don’t ever change anything and only enrich themselves and make sure they are re-elected.  We will never forget how every newspaper in America was revealed to be the worst sort of corporate shills for establishment politicians and have absolutely no morals whatsoever.  We will not forget CNN giving the debate questions in advance to Hillary’s campaign or coaching actors to pretend they are “undecided” voters and recite what they are told.  We will not cast the images of Hillary having a severe Parkinson’s related neurological event and being thrown into the back of a medical van like a sack of potatoes into a mental waste bin.  We will not forget Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the back of her airplane in Phoenix and talking for 39 minutes prior to Hillary’s deserved indictment nor will we forget that the DNC paid agitators to get violent at Trump rallies and then blame the Trump supporters and Trump himself for this violence. This callous disregard for human life is both appalling and yet not surprising.

Most importantly, we will not forget that the DNC has put forth an ineligible candidate for President and railroaded her through all obstacles with the help of the White House. We will not forget that Bernie Sanders was the only eligible Democratic nominee. We will not forget that the man who promised to commit voter fraud visited the White House 342 times since Obama entered office and that the media and corrupt politicians all pretend the election hasn’t been rigged.

The corrupt establishment is planning to steal this election and keep the status quo. They already hope to reduce turnout and have been quoting fake polls for the past year. Thanks to Wikileaks we realize that this was no accident but has been planned and orchestrated in advance down to which groups in which states to oversample and how to conduct the polls.  Unfortunately, for the establishment, Donald j. Trump has pulled back the curtain and rallied the vast majority of Americans to his side.  He has exposed this global corporate cabal that currently control the White House, perpetuates war for profit and loots American wealth to benefit foreign enemies. It has left our borders open, attempting to weaken the people within and surround them with non-citizens.

Yes, the cat is out of the bag and it’s never going back in.  The media will never recover. Barack Obama’s legacy will be as the most corrupt President in US history. The Bush Presidents, 41 & 43, are now revealed as Saudi puppets whose Presidential libraries were really multi-million dollar slush funds to control US policies.  We see Michelle Obama hypocritically campaign for the woman she lambasted in ’08 – merely because she and her husband have their own billion dollar slush fund/Presidential library to protect. The corporation and globalists send out a casting call for President puppets and then pay them after their service is done with a huge, obscene payoff.

The question is, what will happen when this corruption is revealed on election day? Will the masses rise up and overthrow an unquestionably corrupt regime that has been oppressing them?  We know the media is already doing its part to condition the people to be “compliant” and uninformed.  The stories are already being written about “forgetting that Trump ever happened.”

That’s impossible.  We are on the eve of a great revolution. The Founding Fathers foresaw this day and enabled certain safeguards to make “We The People” just as powerful as the Executive, Congress and Judicial branches of the government if they were to become corrupted and no longer serving the will of the people.

There is only one legal outcome to this election.  Anything else is lawless and unacceptable.

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