Was The Iran Deal due to Blackmail from Hillary’s Server?


In an amazing development, the FBI has reopened the investigation into Hillary’s email server. Apparently classified material was retrieved from both Huma Abedin’s and Anthony Weiner’s cell phone. Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pleaded the fifth in regards to the investigation of the secret Iran ransom payments and the White House has been impeding that investigation. Why?

Huma Abedin’s connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia have long been a grave concern of the intelligence community.  If classified material was on her phone it means the Saudis definitely had access to it as well.  Saudi Arabia is not known for a tight intelligence ship and has long been rife with Iranian double agents.  It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination  to realize that Huma and Anthony Weiner were a doorway by which first Saudi Arabia and then Iran could obtain compromising classified information which they could exploit.

Why did Obama shield Saudi Arabia from victim’s of 9/11 lawsuits?  Why did we pay 1.8 billion in various currencies to Iran along with 150 billion dollars and get absolutely nothing in return?

The answer revolves around Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server to enrich herself.  US secrets and her own corruption likely provided our foreign enemies with the means to blackmail the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton and expose our most closely held secrets.

So Loretta Lynch pleads the fifth, an endless boatload of money keeps flowing to Iran and the FBI only now is starting to put the pieces together. This is the biggest most devastating scandal in US history and the next President will have to deal with the fallout of compromised national security breaches.


Will be updated as story breaks.

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