BREAKING: Hillary & Huma – Explosive Transcripts!


Occasionally we receive tips, photos and transcripts from people who want to share something they feel is relevant.  We received this transcript of Huma & Hillary supposedly recorded from her campaign plane shortly after receiving notice that the FBI had reopened the criminal investigation of her illegal home server. We don’t know if it’s real or not, but we offer it up here as a “make up your own mind” piece.  Extreme profanity is laced throughout the transcript and has been sanitized when possible with ***.



Nick: “…and that’s what was sent to the hill.”

Hillary: “Nick just get the f**k out of here, now”

(Pause, paper shuffling & unidentifiable noises)

Huma: “This isn’t the place.”

Hillary: “Just shut up. You think I didn’t know? You and that k*df**ker sold secrets behind my back. Didn’t I pay you enough? You think you’re indispensable after all these years? You’ve screwed everything. Everything! That f**ker Comey will come after all of us. How could you be so f***ing stupid!  I thought I taught you better!

Huma: “It should have been erased, real-”

Hillary:  “How much did you sell and for how much? And who the h*ll have you two been f***ing with behind my back?”

Huma: “It was Anthony. He forced me. It wasn’t working and you know…”

Hillary: “How f***ing much?”

Huma: “50, maybe a little more. It was most of the same players.”

Hillary: “You stupid, selfish b***h, do you realize what you’ve done? Did you put it in the same ones?”

Huma: “No, none of it is in ones you use.  We can make this go away. He won’t let you down. We’ll never be charged and it will be forgotten.”

Hillary: “You f***ing moron, the election is all that matters! ALL! Even all these media s***eaters won’t be able to cover it all up if Comey reports it.  What is on that f***ing laptop? What!”

Huma: “It was just routine stuff, mostly-”

Hillary: “Mostly? No one pays 50 for s**t! What was it?”

Huma: “Milit-”

Hillary: “Oh f**k, oh bull f**k! What were you thinking? You stupid k***f***er!”

Huma: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, we can say the Russians planted it all! A big plot.”

(Sound of a slap and unidentifiable noises then sobbing. Long pause)

Hillary: “Get your s**t together. I want the quick response team to prepare different statements and have them for me in 30 minutes.  If I lose because of this…”

Huma: “9/11 did that not me. I told you not to go. Wikileaks too. This will be nothing”

Hillary: “F**k you. Now you’re just (inaudible) you could never understand.  Keep those d***f**ks back there in the dark, kill the wi-fi until we land. And keep out of my sight – I need to think.”

(unidentifiable noises)


Update 10/30/2016

We’ve received a lot of feedback from people who all seem to agree this is most likely a hoax.


However, it has just been reported that 650,000 emails were on the shared Weiner/Abedin laptop and while we agree this transcript seems a bit too “pat” and is likely a hoax, it does raise the very real question about why on earth would they keep such an enormous number of government documents on their laptop?


When you factor in Hillary going to Geneva to protect a Swiss bank  to protect the identities of account holders or the fact that the Clinton logs show the Clinton Foundation had a *weekly* visit from a Swiss banker  while she was Secretary of State, all this is, in political-speak ,”quite troubling” to say the least.

It will be interesting to see where this investigation leads.







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