“Watergate X 1000”


Yesterday, the FBI shocked the US and the world with news of a massive, year long investigation into the Clinton Foundation and its pay to play practices. Even more shocking is that this investigation is ongoing under the complete resistance of a corrupt Loretta Lynch and Justice Department. A Constitutional crisis is at hand and the corrupt White House, State Department and Department of Justice has been revealed to be what many suspected – a thinly veiled criminal organization, breaking US laws with impunity since Barack Obama took office.

Five hostile nations hacked Hillary & Bill Clinton’s home-brew server and we don’t know how many people have died because of this server. Reports are only now coming in about the programs and individuals that were compromised.  One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that this is “Watergate x 1000” and that they are linking the Iran Deal to blackmail made possible by secrets stolen from Hillary’s server – and other foreign policy failures as well.

The nation has watched as this administration has had failure after failure in foreign policy and whispers of “treason” have been overheard more than anytime in the nation’s history. Collusion at the highest level has been proven without a doubt and the people are angry and alongside “treason,” the word “revolution” has also been heard in and outside the beltway.

This is unprecedented.  We are witnessing a corrupt group of people try to wield their power to subvert the Constitution.  Loretta Lynch and Peter Kadzik need to step down immediately. Not tomorrow or the next day – now.

This source said that Obama himself is facing indictment for his intentional deception and high crimes committed which have grossly compromised national security. To avoid the Constitutional crisis, Obama may be offered a deal in which he promises not to pardon Hillary Clinton or anyone involved in this selling of the US government and its resources and secrets to foreign powers, to avoid being indicted and prosecuted himself.

The last time we faced such a scenario, was during the Watergate crisis almost half a century ago. This time it’s dealing with much more severe crimes and a more severe response from the people – many who say that lawlessness can’t be permitted in the White House and Executive branch. A recent poll showed 50% of Republicans and 43% of Independents ready to revolt if this election appears improper or lawless. A hundred million people marching on Washington is like 50 Chinas attacking all at once with the full Red Army – the largest in the world at 2,400,000 people. It would all be over quickly and a new government would emerge overnight.

We live in interesting times and if this administration is not careful, “interesting” will be the understatement of the century.


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