How Hillary Lost


Hillary Clinton is the loneliest woman in the world.

Never has there been a politician or individual as self-destructive as Hillary Clinton. For forty years, in every job she has ever held, she has nurtured a crooked streak that ran parallel to her avarice.  Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump was foreseen by the experts before Bernie Sanders was even booted out of the race by  corrupt DNC shenanigans. By others her loss was seen before she even officially announced her candidacy.

Besides the usual complaints of being completely lacking in vision or candor, Hillary is plagued by being unlikable – to the extreme. Wikileaks has opened a window into the world of those who surround her and work with her and the view afforded is informative. Hillary is not just disliked by those who don’t know her, but by those who are around her constantly.  She is a cold and mean fish that her subordinates fear and mock – behind her back.

The post-mortem of her career will likely mention her health problems.  Concealing serious neurological disorders and then running for President showed bad judgment.  In fact, some argue her ailment is Parkinson’s disease and it has already been impairing her judgment for years;  that Parkinson’s contributed to her using an illegal server to host a non-government email account where she could mix government with private enrichment.

Her fate is now up in the air. Will President Obama charge and pardon her to get her (and himself) off the hook? This is a likely outcome. She is seriously ill and even a short imprisonment could be a life sentence for her.

While it would be justice to see her pay for her crimes, one can argue she already has.  For the loneliest woman in the world, the things she wanted most, respect and the trappings of power over others, were denied to her by her own character – which shows no respect to others and disenfranchises them simultaneously.

Bill Clinton gave a speech which implied it was “her turn” to be President.  As if she were owed it by being a career politician long enough.  But being the facilitator for endless corporate and government corruption for decades does not afford the right to the Presidency. Adding to her baggage was an unsympathetic and imperial attitude which included the incredulous line, “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?”

As she confessed to her Wall Street donors, she can’t relate to the middle or lower class. She lives in a bubble; a bubble she has encased herself in to shield her from the people she condemned and judged as somehow inferior to her – the average American.

Finally, the average American realized this contempt she has and become aware of all her endless corruption – from rigging debates and the nomination itself to paying for thugs to create violence at Donald Trump’s rallies.  Her list of lies, crimes and malfeasance is more than enough to spawn a half dozen future “tell-alls.”

Julian Assange said he feels sorry for Hillary Clinton.  He feels sorry for the woman who said, since he’s a soft target, “Can’t we drone him?”  But Assange’s compassion is his strength, whereas Hillary’s lack of it is her undoing.

Hillary is a sad woman.  A woman who could not bring herself to tell the truth about anything and who has become averse to the truth – afraid of it.  If she tells one truth, it might lead to another and another and this would clearly unravel the empire of crime and fortunes amassed through “public service.”

This morning, Hillary is the loneliest woman in the world and only has herself to blame.

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One thought on “How Hillary Lost

  1. This sounds true but it fails to illustrate how deeply her influence&corruption has spread:us government, big tech(apple,google,twitter) mainstream media networks, newspapers,world leaders, people Clintons said they would help(haiti, India),She and her man are menaces to societies wherever they go. They are vengeful, seeming mainly to care about leaving no evidence.Bribes, favors&blackmail are used by her.No, she has not been punished, if allowed her corruption will continue.Pledges of amnesty for millions, increased immigration, college,^taxes, fix ACA, gun control.She has no intention of stopping.You forgot:arms deal were reason for foundation(George Webb youtube)thousands of offshore accts tied to CFoundation, $1.8B transferred to Qatar.


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