Our Advice to President Elect Donald Trump


Making “America Great Again” is a big task.

Fortunately, President-Elect Donald Trump is a man who listens very well and takes advice from those who have good ideas.  He is not a slave to special interests and can be expected to follow a course that truly does restore America.

Our advice to the President-Elect is to embark on a complete revitalization of US industry, infrastructure and socioeconomic stability.  How to do this?  We have outlined a list of goals and the likely course to realize those goals.  At Directorate, we always try to provide the most valuable intelligence, so that the best decisions can be made.

This is an overview of the key elements.

  • Rebuild US infrastructure.
  • Create strong borders
  • Eliminate strangling regulations & restore US manufacturing

Seems easy enough. And it will be easy with the right people in charge and the corruption unable to impede progress on these goals.  Let’s go into more detail about the elements within each goal that will contribute to success

Rebuild US infrastructure

The infrastructure of the US is old.  Airports, hospitals, water distribution networks, bridges and roadways that were “advanced” in the fifties are now relics of the last century and often in disrepair. We need new facilities that incorporate the latest technologies and are built to facilitate a much larger population.

Restore roadways and bridges.

Restoring the roadways and bridge is easiest done by a Federal program that funds state efforts to identify decaying roads and bridges and to repair them and improve them. This program should also fund needed new roadways and freeways that will help support movement of goods and services across the nation for a century to come.

Airport renovation.

Airports were America’s invention. At one time the US airports were the envy of the world. Not anymore. US airports need new runways, new terminals and of a scale to serve a larger population. Again, a Federal Government program to spur this renovation should be undertaken. However, the private sector should be utilized in the competitive bidding and design proposals.

Hospital renovation.

Much like airports, many US hospitals are well over half a century old, overcrowded and not able to supply their communities with adequate services. Many of these facilities are privately owned and operated and will require a different approach.  A “Hospital Renewal Act” could make available funds to private companies who present plans for Building new state-of-the-art facilities that serve many more people, house many more doctors and provide more quality healthcare.  To recoup some of these funds these hospitals could also be used to provide needed services for veterans and diminish the workload on VA hospitals. While the initial expenditures will be significant, over time the larger improved hospitals will pay this back in improved and more competitive healthcare facilities across the nation and a healthier citizenry.

Water distribution.

Water is life.  The US water infrastructure is outdated, inadequate and often compromised with toxins.  Old pipes are festering with fungi, molds, lead and other metals.  In the Western part of the US water is always in a perpetual “crisis” due to corrupt government. The US used to be the envy of the world with our dams and advanced plumbing.  Now, political correctness has fostered a culture of regulations that are designed to hamper growth and provide clean water to the people of the United States.

We suggest the  “Water Security Act” to be enacted that funds the building of three water desalination facilities two on the west coast and one on the east coast. Long overdue, these facilities will provide enough clean water to be used to provide for California and all the arid southwestern states that currently compete for Colorado river water.  A lack of water has delayed growth in these states, caused the cost of produce to rise and has been used to price gouge citizens to pay obscene amounts of money on their monthly water bills.  The small desert nation of UAE and its capitol Dubai produce more water than the US uses in an entire year from a few desalination plants. The “Water Security Act” would ensure that the US has facilities for producing enough fresh water for the US and no longer relies on rain or snowfall.  This act would also fund a pipeline to carry this fresh water to all the western states and eventually all states, creating a new state of the art water distribution system.

Many are unaware the earth’s electromagnetic poles are moving, and the planet’s emf field with it. Because of this, the climate in the US will likely get warmer and water will insure that the US has no more “droughts” or “water shortages” ever again.  Water can be used to cool cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas and others that have extremely hot living conditions. Water can also turn arid areas into usable farmland that provides more food for a growing country.

Create strong borders

It is important to understand why our borders haven’t been secure for 75 years.  Ever since President Franklin Roosevelt established the minimum wage in 1938, open US borders have been used to provide companies with illegal labor that could be paid under this wage.


As seen above, by 1941 the Government was already in the business of facilitating Mexican labor for farm owners. The government opened the borders to replace US citizens who would have to be paid more. Why did the government make a law that they would help companies to break?  FDR was enamored with socialism and communism and thought the government could “control” the winners and losers. The President who instituted price controls could not be expected to believe in fair markets.

Fast forward 75 years later.
California is overrun with Mexican nationals and their descendants who have been treated as legal citizens. “Sanctuary” cities dot the once “golden state” and have turned California into the state of lawless exploiters and the lawless exploited.

Flooding the US with illegals wasn’t a bright idea. Sure, FDR didn’t have to live with the consequences and cultural burdens illegals have brought to the United States, but now that Chinese labor is stealing the skilled jobs and Mexican labor has stolen the unskilled jobs, there are no jobs left for Americans.  This is the primary reason for Donald Trump’s victory – jobs.  And to provide Americans with jobs again, the borders need to be sealed and millions of illegals deported. Finally, a business man has been elected that can undo the mistakes of non-business politicians who know nothing but corruption.

So the building of a wall, an increase in both Border Patrol and ICE agents is mandatory and the Department of Homeland Security should be moving at lightning speed to dismantle the government founded corruption with oversight and the barriers needed to make sure illegal immigration and illegal hires becomes extremely rare.

Eliminate strangling regulations & restore US manufacturing

As the US Government became more corrupt. Legislation was introduced to hamper business growth.  Agencies were exploited to interfere in business. As foreign nations expanded influence on US politicians, this crippling regulation has become more extreme and the US has become a nation 20 trillion in debt as a result.

The EPA CAFE standards need to be repealed. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards were a tool used by global companies to put Detroit and the big three automakers at a disadvantage.  By increasing the miles per gallon standard, cars had to become lighter, less safe and smaller. More Americans died in car accidents as a result of CAFE and the automakers had to find ways to avoid them. The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was the result of trying to get around CAFE regulations and build a passenger car on a truck chassis.  Full size cars are gone. Everything is now small or built on a truck chassis to bypass this monstrously crippling CAFE standard.

The world is drowning in oil.  Lies used to prop the oil industry are long unraveled.  New technologies prove the US has enough oil on its own land to last for centuries. Let the car makers build cars that consume as much or as little fuel as they want and let the market decide what is produced.  At its peak, 7 in 10 US jobs revolved around the automobile industry. If the US wants to truly become competitive again and make the US richer at the same time, repealing CAFE is mandatory.

Many such regulations of the EPA are used to cripple companies and aid foreign competitors. Trump has said he will have people look for regulations that are harmful and serve no real benefit to the people of the US. We could not agree more heartily with this proposal.

As you can see, much needs to be accomplished in the US over the next four and possibly eight years.  In the entire history of the US, never has there been the opportunity we are now presented with President-Elect Donald Trump and a hungry for progress citizenry.

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