The future of the world hasn’t been so bright in 70 years and arguably longer. President-Elect Donald J. Trump and the citizens have done the impossible and put a businessman with no crippling political and corporate allegiances into office.

He’s not a conservative. He’s not a liberal.  We have never had a President who was so immune to the ideologues’ siren songs. The truth is Donald J. Trump will put the “progress” into “progressive.”  He will put “liberate” into “liberal.” Trump is not an ideologue or, as critics painted him, a demagogue, rather he is a throwback to the founding fathers – men who wanted to get things done and shake off the burden of an imposing government.  Logic and common sense are his tools in trade. He is a builder of fine things and what is more apt or timely for the United States? Our infrastructure, manufacturing and prestige all need the revitalization that Trump wants to make manifest.

We are under no illusions that he will not meet the targeted opposition (who profit when the US fails) but if the election and campaign are any indication, Trump will tear them to shreds. Already the less corrupt are realizing it may be more profitable to become honest. The more corrupt will, eventually, be weeded out as the government regains more integrity.

The people have no idea just how good Trump will be for the world. Some have an inkling of the changes to come, but few realize that Trump will likely be the most historic figure in the post twentieth century.  The change from US businesses going from massively corrupt to almost honest is as big as winning the world wars, defeating communism or any achievement one can fit into that juxtaposition.

The globalists are losing, which means the world is winning.

The most debilitating influences of globalist thinking and Islamic fanaticism will be brought to heel.  The middle east, which became wealthy (and armed) due to oil will find oil irrelevant to their fortunes in a few short decades. Oil is abiotic – naturally formed in the earth – and can be accessed at many, many points all over the planet. Technology will impoverish the middle east again over time.  The next decade or two will be the most dangerous, when Islamic terrorism and ignorance can still be funded by oil money.  However, with President Trump at the helm, these nations see a new political reality and pragmatism will surely prevail.

Obama, and the globalists he worked for, did their best to “seed” Europe and the United States with radical Islam and lower IQ third worlders.  It was their “long term” solution to destroying Western democracy and freedom.  Trump will have his work cut out for him to extricate these refugees and illegal aliens that hold malevolent beliefs and motivations.  As this is done it will inspire European leaders to do the same in their nations.  The People will demand it and the globalists, universities and media that have been working to destroy Western Civilization will be shut out – or shut down.

China is about to brought down a notch or ten. China’s corruption and mindset is unacceptable. They have profited from lying and cheating and used Western wealth to rebuild their nation. But this wasn’t enough. They had to show their hostile intent by building islands in the South China Sea and showing that their long term goal is the subjugation of their neighbors and eventually the world.  President Trump and his superb team will systematically return manufacturing from China (their greatest strength) and make certain their hostile ambitions are kept in check.  Western intellectual property theft has been their business in trade since the Clinton administration.  This will stop.  We welcome a peaceful, fair China. We will not tolerate a China that cheats and places no value on human life. China will have to eventually move to a more democratic stance or find itself in a very tough position.  China’s corrupt form of capitalism made it wealthy, but it did not make the leadership wise.  Their ethical IQ is dismal and this is a problem that the Chinese need to address themselves within their educational arena.  In an odd parallel, the same ethical, ideological toxic perspectives of Islam find counterparts in the soulless, ethical lapses of Chinese communist thought.  Both ideologies see little value in human life and work to subjugate free people.

This will be the 21st century’s largest challenge, bar none.  The West will refortify and strengthen its values under President Trump and the new populist leaders that are emerging.  Islam and China will have to experience their own “reformations” to become modernized and more intelligent. This will take decades and possibly another century.  Indoctrination poisons minds and it takes generations of intelligent education to undo the damage done by the previous generations.

In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, John Galt and the world’s builders and creators shrug and let the world fend without them. Trump is a far better role model. He takes on the looters and the destroyers and defeats them. Even Ayn Rand couldn’t imagine anyone so honest assuming such a powerful political position. Atlas Shrugged would have to have Dagny Taggart elected President to equal such a wonderful outcome. President-Elect Trump has already shown he has no intention of shrugging the world off his broad shoulders. He is not “low energy” and could likely juggle a few worlds, if necessary.

Trump doesn’t shrug.


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