Yesterday’s media lost the election.

Not Hillary.

She was never running and certainly never did anything equal to campaigning.

Hillary was just their bobblehead.

So yesterday’s media are flailing.

They are angry.

President Trump outsmarted them all.

He’s going to restore the nation they have worked so hard to destroy.

Now it’s WAR!

The New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and all the rest of yesterday’s media are having a collective conniption fit. The new President has made clear that the White House will have a very different relationship with these propaganda peddlers who, ironically made popular the phrase “Fake News” which describes their own activities.

Before even taking office, news was made that the press corps would be moved out of the White House and in the Executive Offices across the street. That didn’t sit well with these circus acts that presently infest the White House.  The Press Room is a tiny area with seven rows of seven seats, forty-nine in all, facing a lectern.  It’s an archaic remnant of the 20th century when only a few newspapers and television channels dominated the media – and filtered it with their own propaganda as they saw fit.



The 21st century is the internet era. An era when everyone is interconnected and everyone has the capacity to receive and record video and pictures.  It is an era where countless new groups report the news of the world and provide a much more balanced viewpoint. The White House Press Corps needs to reflect this new reality. More people receive their news via the internet and this will be reflected in the new arrangement.  The group that existed are completely corrupt and grew spoiled and rotten due to their exclusive special access to the White House.

So, this “triggered” yesterday’s media into a flurry of new attacks. They orchestrated a false narrative to lie about the attendance of President Trump’s Inauguration, TIME wrote a false story about Martin Luther King’s bust being removed from the Oval Office to try to provoke racial tensions. They orchestrated a full court coverage of the “Womens March” – an event paid and sponsored by the allies and components of the Democrat party.  Claiming “Trump Demeans Women” we see that this narrative is fake and created by the Democrat party & the DNC.


The Democrats don’t give up. They keep losing and want to lose even bigger in 2018 during the mid-term elections. Instead of listening to the people, they fall back on their old standbys – deception and media lies.

But President Trump already shredded the media and it’s paid liars and professional shills for the worst companies and nations in the world during the primaries and campaign. With the help of Wikileaks (Russian operatives!) and the buffoon known as John Podesta (who clicks on phishing emails) the whole world knows just how corrupt the DNC is and all the players in yesterday’s media.

They keep trying to influence even though they have none left.  They report fake popularity polls about the outgoing Obama and the new President.  For the record, here is an honest poll of Obama’s popularity and Trump’s prior to election day, January 19th, 2017:

zpoll1192017That’s a far cry from yesterday’s media and their fake polls claiming Obama had a 63 percent approval rating and Trump had the lowest of any incoming President.  But that’s the difference when you actually have a poll that hasn’t been rigged. Obama’s low approval rate contributed to Hillary’s defeat – however yesterday’s media try to pretend Obama was popular when the election results proved exactly the opposite of all their fake polls and fake news.

Now that President Trump has the power of the Presidency, we can expect yesterday’s media to be displaced completely over the next eight years and replaced by honest sources of news that aren’t just fronts for foreign nations and globalist companies.

Trump never forgets those who assist him. He also never forgets those who have lied and tried to harm him and our country.

Yesterday’s media is about to learn the folly of waging a war of deception and lies on President Trump and the citizenry.

It will be fun to watch.

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  1. Lol 1500 people survey. I feel dumber for having read this.
    And the insulting names were funny in the beginning but definitely overused; I couldn’t stand to read one more “yesterday’s media”.
    You clearly have a very one sided way of thinking.


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