The Proud Trump Millennials



It’s a magical time.

Millennials growing up today are going to look back on these years as the years when the US had a “real” President. A President that made them feel good about themselves, their future and their country. The millennial generation has never really had that. We’ve been numbed by inaction. After growing up with President Barack Obama, we got used to nothing getting accomplished. We never dreamed that a President would interact with companies, bring back jobs or secure our borders. A President who doesn’t just play golf and make awkward, stiff speeches that leave people divided and wondering exactly what he just said? Was such a thing possible?

We didn’t know.

We didn’t know that a politician could keep their promises. WTF? Really? For all we knew they just talk about stuff and go to fundraisers. They get rich in DC while we watch from the sidelines reading about what new fines we have to pay for Obamacare.

My parents talked about Reagan and said growing up with him as President was “prideful” or something like that and made them feel good about their country.  It made them feel safe.

I’m just starting to see what they meant. A leader who actually leads, who loves our country and makes no apologies for it. It’s too weird to have a President who actually fights corruption, gridlock and evil instead of embracing it, like some long lost friend.

I admit, at first I was planning on supporting Sanders. I was a bit naive. I actually believed him when he said he resented the big banks and corrupt Wall Street donors that owned Hillary Clnton. She cheated, lied and then he endorsed her. Millions of millennials along with myself felt that final burn. It’s a scar we needed to have, to wake us up.

We’re woke now.

We see that the DNC and the media are all corrupt as hell. Bernie talked about ending TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and President Trump actually did it. We now know that even if you’re rich and famous like Kanye West you can be handcuffed to a gurney, removed from your home by force and put in the psych ward for evaluation if you say you like Donald Trump and would’ve voted for him – and that there is some seriously effed up shit. Kanye found out his agents and record label only care about money – corrupt to the core and treated him like some criminal.

Some of my friends won’t even talk to me. Our generation can be divided into two groups – the brainwashed and the not brainwashed. The brainwashed make neurotic sounding rants on Facebook and Twitter, repeating the most stupid stuff. I’m fine with that. Why? Because I have other friends who see what I see – a President worthy of my vote and my respect.

I’m proud of my President and my country. I’m woke to the way the media works hand in glove with paid protesters to sell some false narrative about mass unrest. They talk shit and hope they can trigger some viewers who don’t yet realize the news cycle is just Kabuki theatre.

Chuck Schumer crying? Get serious. That man has no heart at all. I saw him sit there at the Al Smith Dinner with Katie Couric and it was nauseating. He looked like some mafia boss sitting at his favorite table with a hooker. Trump seemed out of place, but his remarks spot on and I watched his speech twice, because it was educational. His jokes were just truth packaged with a laugh. It was impressive. And there among all the snobs, Trump was an outcast – one could see that too. He is a family-man first and foremost. He was there with Melania and it was them versus the sea of haters around them.

Trump has earned his money the way he earned the Presidency-by working his ass off. That doesn’t sit well with the parasite Wall Street types who like to do no work and just skim the tops of millions of accounts for their income. Folks who produce nothing, create nothing and are nothing but rich gnats. As I watched, I could see their contempt and fear of Trump. Yes, fear. A man who works for his money is a totally different creature than a glorified pickpocket. Trump’s truth was booed by the media and Wall Street. His plan to Make America Great Again sounds far too much like make America honest again. That scares their dinner out of them and causes them to soil their undergarments.

I’m proud of my new President. I’m proud of the 50+ million Americans who voted for him and saw through the lies told about him. I know I’m going to look back in the future and say “Why can’t our President be more like President Trump!”

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