Trump Persuasion War With The Media: Godzilla vs King Kong



In the movies the good guy always wins.

In real life the good guys usually lose.  Well, maybe it’s better to say the good guys seldom come out on top, because the world leans towards evil.

“Leans towards evil” what do you mean?

The world is mostly evil. Most people live in nations that aren’t free. Each generation has been getting dumber than the last for about 30 years. In China, a billion people, if they hit you accidentally, will drive you over with their car to kill you rather than pay for lifelong disability payments for an injury.  The one time death payment is cheaper. Yes, in vast parts of the world many will kill others just to prevent financial loss.

This leads us to the next point: money makes many people evil.

Money corrupted the politicians.

Money corrupted the corporation heads that sold out America.

Money corrupted the news media that did their advertisers/owners bidding.

Money corrupted the schools and teachers via the teacher’s unions.

The people have elected Donald J. Trump to the Presidency and he sits in the Oval Office doing the people’s bidding. He’s been hired to bring back jobs, cut taxes and put America First.  What does that really mean?  America First means bring money back from overseas to the people whose money was stolen.

America First is all about money.

So that evil comes back into play. And we are seeing it play out in a persuasion war waged by corporate America through their communicative proxies the media and the entertainment industry. This persuasion war is unlike any the world has ever seen. We’ve seen media and entertainment attack Presidents and politicians, but never on this grand scale.  If the media’s war against George Bush (43) at the end of his Presidency was a skirmish, this war against Trump (45) is global thermonuclear war.

All because Trump represents a clear and present danger to their financial interests.

We’re going to pull a Scott Adams on you and go for a “linguistic kill shot” that will forever sway the way you see the Trump Presidency:

Trump is not Hitler waging war on the people, instead Trump is Robin Hood who is looting the rich and giving back to the middle and lower classes of America.


Every time you read a NY Times headline or hear a news anchor repeat a #fakenews story about Trump you will remember that he is Robin Hood and he is looting their ill-gotten gains. Every time you see a SNL episode attack Trump, and the major news media promote SNL over the next few days, you will see that the media and entertainment industry are the same – fake.  They are doing “King John’s” bidding.

The resources of these corporate giants are not small fare. They have working for them the mythical “Godzilla.” If you’ve been following Scott Adams blogs during the campaign you know Godzilla is the name given to the persuasion expert employed by Hillary and the DNC to combat Trump’s persuasion skills. His identity is unknown.

Money makes people do strange things. Directorate is not monetized for this reason. People tend not to trust a group that has financial ties that might sway their viewpoint and alter the truth. The media’s ties to corrupt rich folk are legion. The NY Times was bailed out by Carlos Slim Helu who is the richest man in the world. His extraordinary wealth is in large part because he skims the top from remittances sent by Mexican illegal aliens working in the USA and sending money home. So NY Times has a conflict of interest the size of Jupiter.  They can’t support Trump’s immigration policies or enforcement of existing law. Instead they are a bludgeon used by Helu to pound President Trump daily. Different stories apply to all the MSM outlets.  All are financially connected to entities threatened by America First.

Trump is a persuasion master.  He’s been doing this for years and has handled the media longer than most of the media talking heads have been alive. He accomplished what many would consider impossible, defeating the united global media, two corrupt political parties, a corrupt entertainment empire and a corporate empire to become President of the United States.

In simpler Terms, Trump is a King Kong of persuasion and when he battles Godzilla, the earth shakes.  The citizenry are watching this unfold and are cheering Trump, even while the MSM and corporations have created fake, paid protests every day since Trump was elected.

Every day Godzilla comes up with a new attack. One day they will attack Trump’s “Merry Men” and vilify them and another they will claim Trump is Hitler and is destroying the world.

There has never been news media malfeasance of the scale we are now seeing. 

The media and Godzilla seek to wear down the citizenry. Their endless hype creates media fatigue and they believe this will make people tire of Trump and be more receptive to their propaganda.

The people aren’t falling for it so they constantly spew fake polls telling the people their neighbors are falling for it and they should too. The media is behaving like the National Socialists of prewar Germany and this irony is not lost on the citizens of the US who elected Trump.

Why are the people so loyal to Trump?  Because he already persuaded them with the most powerful persuasion of all:


For decades the US has had politicians lie about the reality of life in the USA.  Trump told the truth and this truth is the mighty blows of King Kong pounding Godzilla into a slithery pulp.




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