Obama – That Poor Bugger


Editor’s Note: The following was revealed by a credible  anonymous source. We have no way of corroborating the content revealed at this time and present it here unedited.

“Former President Obama has now been revealed by the current US President Trump as having bugged Trump Tower in a flagrant violation of US law. What’s the real story behind this unprecedented criminal action by a US President?

Barack Obama was approached by George Soros shortly after he gave the keynote speech at the DNC convention in Boston in 2004. A poor Senator from Chicago, he had no record to speak of, was completely unaccomplished and a complete nobody. No one had ever heard of him before.

John Kerry had suffered a stinging rebuke at the polls and lost spectacularly to George W. Bush. For one man, George Soros, who had just spent in excess of 100 million dollars to get Kerry elected, this was a devastating blow.

The world, prior to 2017, had several extremely wealthy “managing partners” many who sponsored and owned US Presidents and other foreign leaders. In the case of George W. Bush it was the Saudi family who had spent hundreds of millions on both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush’s Presidential libraries – an effective and unprecedented bribe that went largely unreported. The Saudi family owned the Bush family and former President Bush did their bidding when requested. Some examples: flying Bin Laden’s family out of the country after 9/11, sealing the 9/11 papers which implicated the Saudi family, energy policy regulations and much more.

The Saudi family is selfish and sought to preserve their empire, but only a few of them sought the destruction of of the West. Most were content to have a very profitable control over US energy output by dictating energy policy, clandestinely, from overseas.

George Soros had a much different agenda. He wanted to destroy America and the West.

Soros even wrote books about destroying America’s power and proceeded to enter into conversations with Barack Obama about financing and placing him in the Oval office in 2008. It was made very clear to Obama that he was Soros’ vassal and would be pursuing his agenda before any money was spent. Obama agreed.

After spending a similar sum, and cleverly orchestrating a bank run and financial crisis that would taint Bush and the Republican party prior to the election, Soros achieved his goal and now had his own US President. He wanted someone he could control to fulfill his foreign policy and Soros wanted Hillary Clinton to become Secretary of State to execute his orders. Soros wanted her to use a private server so she could receive his instructions. His name and emails were regularly purged from her private server.

And what did Soros do? He had Obama and Hillary destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Egypt. He ousted pro-western leaders in favor of letting new radicals – ISIS – take over. The refugee crisis from destabilizing these nations was no accident. The fastest way to destroy Europe and America was by *replacing* their freedom loving populations.

Soros ordered Obama to bug Merkel, tap her phones and secure information to be used to blackmail her. This was an astounding success and Merkel was blackmailed into accepting millions of refugees and destabilizing Germany and the heart of Europe. Soros, like a human trafficker, used his “human rights” organizations to gather and guide refugee armies into Europe. Merkel wasn’t the only one bugged. Sarkozy in France, Cameron in the UK and many more received the “Obama Bugging” treatment.

Obama is not a really bright guy. He’s a community organizer turned puppet and both Obama and Hillary just did what they were told to do – by former Nazi, George Soros.

Donald Trump achieved the impossible because the world was so obviously corrupt that the masses were ready to revolt. No media covers the truth, each is owned by these “managing partners” and has a vested interest in concealing the truth. Trump exposed them as well.

Now Trump has discovered that he was bugged by Obama. Bernie Sanders was also bugged by Obama. The question isn’t who was bugged – it’s who wasn’t bugged? Soros’ modus operandi was to acquire information he could use as leverage to get people to cow to his will.

More on this story will unfold.  The corrupt arms of Soros’ groups are woven into all the branches of multiple governments.  In a world where everyone is spying on everyone, even Soros henchmen are well documented.

It’s hard not to look at Barack Obama and feel for the pathos of becoming a lackey simply because you have no love lost for America. He is just a poor bugger in over his head.”

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