President Trump’s Biggest Secret

In the world of intelligence, secrets are not so secret.

While the globalists wage an endless proxy war on President Trump’s image via the ‘mainstream’ media, Trump quietly holds a secret that none of the globalists or media are astute enough to deduce.

For the first 100 days, President Trump has faced an endless arena of obstacles:

  1. A crooked Republican party led by corrupt politicians who are fighting tooth and nail to keep Trump from dismantling crony corruption in DC. This is far and away the worst problem. President Trump needed the Republican Party as a stepping stone, but the party itself needs to be purged of the worst career sleazebags this side of the Potomac.
  2.  Remnants of the globalist Obama administration. These are party apparatchiks who are currently engaged in a conspiracy to thwart President Trump from achieving his goal: a total reversal in the betrayal of America by its politicians.
  3. Corrupt judges, many on the dole, who try to legislate from the bench and keep dangerous people in America and destroy it from within.
  4. A failing media filled with 95 IQ “geniuses” in love with the sound of their own reporting.
  5. International Banks. These folks stand to lose billions and billions as Trump repatriates US money and renegotiates trade deals.  These same banks are the ones who want to see the citizens of the EU become serfs, in constant turmoil, fearful of radical Islamic terrorism and unable to throw off the yoke put upon them by these parasites.
  6. Bureaucracy. The Government is like a couch potato, asleep. Trump is the guy who turns off the television, wakes up the couch potato and tells him he has to move his posterior. Bureaucracy is fighting for survival. Trump is putting it on a diet and it is very grumpy and tries to cheat every chance it can.
  7. Foreign nations.  Many foreign countries have been completely subsidized by the US government and politicians selling the US citizens’ wealth and manufacturing to them. If Trump Makes America Great Again, it means they lose their future earning potential and income.

These are just a few of the obstacles President Trump deals with on a daily basis.

But none of this is Trump’s biggest secret.

What is his secret? Isn’t it obvious?

President Trump planned this Presidency long in advance. The American betrayal by it’s politicians has been going on for at least a century, getting more serious in the latter half of the twentieth century. The President is not some billionaire seeking a legacy. He is not some celebrity seeking yet another ego trip. This President is a man with a vision and a plan that his been clearly worked upon and planned since at least the eighties. That’s an awful long time to figure out how to reverse the damage and rebuild America.

This is why Trump knows exactly what he is doing; he zigs when the media zags; no one has had a clue exactly how intelligent Trump really is.

That’s his biggest secret and one the media and his dull-witted competition were (and are) clueless to perceive.

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