President Trump’s first foreign trip now affords the bystander an overview of the “Trump Doctrine” which makes several clear contrasts between his campaign promises and rhetoric. President Trump’s foreign policies and beliefs have now had their first major demonstration.

President Trump was one who attended Norman Vincent Peale’s Marble Collegiate Church and got to hear the rousing and unique ‘positive thinking’ sermons and approach to life. This power of positive thinking is at the very core of the Trump Doctrine.

No Limitations

As a foreign policy, the Trump Doctrine accepts no limitations on what’s possible and what’s not. Middle East Peace? Sure, why not? Not hampered by negative perspectives the Trump Doctrine takes a “can do” attitude to obstacles and goals. This positive mindset and approach has a contagious effect on everyone who interfaces with it. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said of President Trump, “His unique personality is capable of achieving the impossible.” High praise indeed and this comment demonstrates this positive hope that President Trump seems to inspire in all those who work with him – and share his goals.

Contemplating abolishing NATO, chastising Germany and calling out radical Islam in the Holiest of Muslim nations? Absolutely not a problem. The preconceived limitations and chains other Presidents have observed hold no bonds on Donald J. Trump. This no limitations thing is quite effective, because after decades of self-imposed US limitations, the targets of his criticism are not accustomed to actually dealing with direct criticism. The media, the paid political courtesans have all created this layer of insulation and have been caught completely unprepared for the Trump Doctrine of brutal honesty and demands.

President Trump’s self-confidence contrasts greatly among those whose services are bought and paid for and who must watch every word and action, lest they make their donors unhappy. But this self-confidence is more than just that provided by Trump having his own fortune and not being reliant on others-it is the result of this “Peale-inspired” positive thinking that denies negativity power.

The Trump Doctrine of “America First” is a powerful, positive message that, by default, tags other nations as “secondary“-and more negative. We have not had a President so confident, so optimistic and so willing to ignore the socialist appeals for globalism and multiculturalism. Which leads us into the next aspect of the Trump Doctrine.

Anti-Socialism, Anti-Equality, Pro-Freedom

While President Trump may wax poetically about making sure “people are not dying in the streets” from a lack of healthcare, the Trump Doctrine is clearly anti-socialist. Trump was educated in a time in US history when political correctness had not yet corrupted the largest universities as it does now. Wisdom of the West was still taught and painful truths were not shied away from.

Paramount among these truths was the battle between equality and freedom. Both are mortal enemies. A government that creates false equality stifles freedom and a government that promotes freedom creates a society that is extremely unequal.

At this time schools still taught that throughout the world people could be divided by their abilities and intelligence. Those who were excellent or above average because of mental abilities were set against the limitations of those who were average or below average in intellect and ability. Will Durant, whose history books were a staple in many college reading lists put it thus in 1968:

“Leave men free, and their natural inequalities multiply almost geometrically, as in England and America during the laissez-faire. To check the growth of inequality, liberty must be sacrificed, as in Russia after 1917. Even when repressed, inequality grows; only the man who is below the average in economic ability desires equality; those who are conscious of superior ability desire freedom; and in the end superior ability has its way. Utopias of equality are biologically doomed and the best the amiable philosopher can hope for is an approximate equality of legal justice and educational opportunity.”

This is perhaps the most succinct and damning condemnation of socialism ever put forth. It defines exactly who seeks socialism and how socialism thwarts freedom. It also points out that regardless of government constructs, superior ability and intellect always will triumph. This is almost diametrically opposite to the globalist and socialist doctrines taught today almost universally in failing universities in which the “privileged” (aka intellectually able) must be put in chains so the “unprivileged” may rise. The unfit must be anointed and the fit must be brought down-all in the name of equality. Globalism is the shifting of jobs and wealth to the less able at the expense of the able. It’s a mask for modern day slavery. Millions of third world inhabitants become the willing (and unwilling) slaves of nations and corporations that exploit them, only to enrich the exploiters-not the slaves.

The Trump Doctrine finds such globalist machinations repulsive and has sought to undo the countless government regulations engineered by crooked politicians to enable this looting of American wealth. This is perhaps the largest reason why President Trump is universally loathed-he represents a clear and present danger to the decades long looting
of America that has gone on unimpeded under both Democrat and Republican Presidencies. The media, corporate handmaidens, have been charged with creating a nonstop attack on President Trump and to do everything in their power to thwart him.

From a historic perspective we see the corrupt politicians and media as the forces of evil, as great or greater than Lenin, Stalin or Hitler. These entities work to enslave millions and insure they live in poverty. Globalism is an affront to the concept of human rights and with Chavez’s legacy in Venezuela, the world sees, yet again, how socialism leads to mass-suffering, violence, murder and repression.

Yes, the Trump Doctrine is anti-socialist and anti-globalist. All we have seen from Trump’s first foreign trip is that this hasn’t changed a bit. He’s chastising nations that promote globalism and which try to loot the US wealth by “socialist engineered trade imbalances.” Yes, the trade imbalances the US faces are the end result of decades of thwarting US workers freedom and livelihood while mandating other nations peoples be treated as de facto US citizens. This corrosive, unconstitutional ideology is taught in schools and exploitation of foreign workers is not only not frowned upon, but encouraged and labeled as a progressive, good business practice.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, declares that Germany can no longer rely on it’s allies. Translation: President Trump really meant what he said about putting America First and not rolling over for foreign nations looting US wealth. President Trump’s remarks at the NATO celebration were exactly in line with Trump the candidate giving hour long stump speeches to packed stadiums. NATO members must pay their fare share, the US is not the stupid nation anymore that lets corrupt politicians sell out its citizens.

The “Great Wall” Test

The Trump Doctrine only awaits the “Great Wall” test. Without any doubt the most pressing concern to the millions of Americans that voted for Trump is the changing composition of the fabric of the country. Decades of porous borders have turned California into a de facto Mexican welfare state, whose endless budget failures are the result of illegal immigration and the unconstitutional conferment of citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. Ann Coulter, one of President Trump’s most avid supporters and the author of “In Trump We Trust” seems to have serious concerns about whether he will fulfill these promises. Promises which include building a great wall on the US southern border, deporting “dreamers” and reducing the number of entry work visas to foreign nationals.

With corrupt, foreign influenced, local and state governments trying to punish contractors who made bids on building the wall and a media trying (and failing) to create an alternate reality, President Trump is under pressure from all sides (besides his voters) to abandon or water down these promises. If the Trump Doctrine fails the “Great Wall” test, then Trump will be in real trouble – not the endless fake trouble the “Media in Wonderland” fabricate.

Fake News & Russian Fairy Tales

Let’s remember what FakeNews outlets like The Boston Globe actually did to try to sway the election. Remember their “Fake” real front page from “April 9, 2017?” We remember it all too well:


(Source: Boston Globe “Real” Newspaper Front Page April 10th, 2016)

The real April 9th 2017 has now come and gone and the markets are at record highs – highs unimaginable under any other President. Cities aren’t rioting and curfews aren’t extended but we do have tiny groups of paid protesters and the media photographing them to try to paint that delusional prediction into reality.  Yes, the deportations began and much sooner than April 9th.  Secretary Kelly is doing an amazing job of reclaiming America for the citizens, securing the borders and enforcing immigration laws.

And let’s look at the media’s interpretation of President Trump’s relationship with China versus reality. Here is an article from that same Boston Globe front page:


President Trump had a wonderful meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping in Florida after which President Trump secured Xi’s efforts in trying to turn the heat up on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.  It must be so hard for the media to deal with reality when their propaganda doesn’t pan out.


The Trump Doctrine, so far, appears to be perhaps a slightly watered down version of his campaign pledges and rhetoric.  If the fake news media really wanted to hurt Trump, they could do so simply by pointing out that many work visas are still being issued, “dreamers” are not being deported and as (Ann Coulter points out daily in her tweets) no wall has yet been built.  They could go further and target his promises to the black community about rebuilding their communities and bringing down crime.  But the media is so busy weaving a Russian fairy tale, they overlook the real messages that could hurt Trump’s Presidency.

President Trump has delivered on many promises, much to his detractors chagrin, but the realization of key promises still will define not only the Trump Doctrine, but the Trump Presidency.

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