Donald Trump Junior is a Genius

It’s 2016. Donald Trump is being accused of working with the Russians. News reports declared that Trump Tower’s computers had a direct line to the Kremlin:

With all these computers linked to Russia, why is Donald Trump Jr. communicating on his cell phone with a British publicist to see if there’s Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton?  Why does he need to meet some Russian lawyer and communicate with some 3rd rate British publicist to arrange a meeting?  If Trump and Putin have such a great relationship or *any* relationship why would Donald Trump Jr. be trying to secure any dirt?  Why not just use that “Trump Tower” secret Russian computer link up to receive all that Russian assistance?

I guess all those hyperventilating connections with the Russians that Trump had were apparently #FakeNews.  Even Hillary Clinton tweeted about “This secret hotline” and why it somehow was the answer to why Donald Trump was praising Putin on the campaign trail.

With this “Secret Hotline” to Russia in place – again – why  would Donald Trump Jr be texting messages with some British publicist who is advertising the “Crown Prosecutor” of Russia?

Something doesn’t add up.

What *does add up* is that all these coordinated msm Russian stories emerged after Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with a lawyer the Obama administration Justice Department personally signed off on to enable her to visit the US. Suspicious?  In a word, very.

If we were to connect the dots the way the msm does, we would immediately assume the media created this story and Russian conspiracy as a tool to try to prevent Donald Trump from being elected. Now, after that didn’t work, they are using this engineered story to try to damage his Presidency and talk about anything except the issues that people voted for and put President Trump into the White House to achieve.

We see that the GOP was in on it as well.  The diminutive Senator John McCain announced he was the one who presented the bogus “Trump Dossier” to the FBI after Trump was clearly going to win the Presidency. The tiny, little McCain is so small he not only never recovered from losing to the nobody from nowhere, Barack Obama, but wanted to make sure Donald Trump wouldn’t win the Presidency and was willing to spend any amount of money on any sleazeballs who offered to destroy Trump.  The “Russian Crown Prosecutor” tweeted out a photo from Senator McCain’s office.  Apparently they were chummy.

The “Swamp” is really making itself seen. Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with the Russian lawyer made certain that the world now knows Trump did not have any connection with the Kremlin or Putin and, if anything, was completely nonchalant about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton (who is like the Charles Schulz strip character ‘Pig Pen’ – a dirt magnet) and was pursuing due diligence on any opposition research  opportunity.  Donald Trump Junior has, unintentionally, completely destroyed the entire Democrat created “Russian conspiracy” hoax and revealed that the corrupt politicians in Washington were *exactly* as corrupt as Donald Trump said on the campaign trail.

Did former President Obama personally sign off on the DOJ waiver for Natalia Veselnitskaya? Why? What did Loretta Lynch know about this Russian lawyer? Why did they let her into the country if she had “ties to the Kremlin?”  Why does the New York times have Donald Trump’s emails?  That’s a crime. Who gave them to the New York Times?  Could it have been fired lackey of Loretta Lynch, James Comey?  After all, he was seen visiting the New York times, ostensibly for a charity event on the day that President Trump said he had no tapes of Comey. The NY Times’ Maggie Haberman, who gets almost every story wrong, made certain to tweet out photos of Comey, supposedly taken at the event, and stressed he was never in the newsroom! Such concern about appearances, suddenly?  I wonder why?

James Comey and wife entering the New York Times offices on June 22nd.

Then weeks later the NY Times has a private citizen’s phone texts? Go figure?  Again, if we use the MSM rubric, all this smoke must certainly mean there is a wildfire burning.

Donald Trump Junior’s meeting actually has put a spotlight on this fraudulent Russian conspiracy and the government players involved in it.  Is Donald Trump Junior a genius?  At this point, his meeting looks like it will lead to the unraveling of large government corruption and crimes.

I think the American people need to demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions sort it all out.

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