Is Donald Trump Western Civilization’s Last Hope?


History is littered with the ruins of civilizations.  Rise, decay and fall are the repeating cycles which civilizations experience. An honest assessment of the state of Western Civilization is that it has reached its peak.  It created democratic nations; constitutions that valued freedoms and liberty; people that cherish these liberties and freedoms. The Greeks accomplishments were passed on through Rome, then destroyed by greed and decadence. Europe embraced some of these, added others, but a combination of religious and territorial wars kept it from reaching its full potential. Finally, America took it all and created a work of art where individual liberties were unparalleled and competition and free trade created a prosperity that has no equal.  America is the final culmination of thousands of years of Western learning and refining morals and ideals into a vibrant, thriving culture where hundreds of millions live in a way that their ancestors could hardly dream about.

But all that is changing.

The decadence and corruption of Roman Senators and landowners has its modern equivalent in Wall Street hedge fund managers and DC politicians. The schools have beaten Lady Liberty and her ideals are now chained with ‘politically correct’ rules and beliefs. Millions of people have been permitted into the country who have no belief in liberty at all.  They are economic drifters who go where money can be made.  Millions do not value concepts of liberty or equality. Their beliefs embrace concepts Western Civilization abandoned as barbaric over a thousand years previously: Women as property or second class citizens, polygamy, child brides, belief in the lash and public torture.  A key element of the destruction of Western Civilization is that educational institutions and teacher quality have drastically declined. Many adults and children can’t even read a standard clock in 2015 or sign their signature. The teachers and schools teach and promote failed ideas while discarding proven Western thought. Western civilization is, to put it mildly, no longer an ideal and is even abhorrent to many of today’s educators teaching future generations that the rest of the world has it right and the United States and Western thought is some sort of monster preying on the world.

Many citizens, for whom educational indoctrination never quite took, look at the past six years events and believe the US has elected, as President, a Manchurian Candidate – a man whose sole mission in office is to systematically bring down America and the West.  Looking at the news feeds, whether by grand design or unprecedented incompetence, these goals have largely been accomplished.  Lawlessness, open borders, racial animus, destruction of native production, failed global foreign policy, the forming and rise of a terrorist nation – and the list goes on and on. But possibly, the worst symptom is a system of government that is broken; completely corrupt to the point that parties are meaningless and politician prostitutes prance in the halls of congress, selling their votes to the highest bidder, making patsies of the desires of the American people who elected them to check the apparent actions of this Manchurian presidency.

Enter Donald Trump.


Donald Trump is an unlikely savior.  A builder of the finest luxury hotels and star of a reality TV show, Trump is loud, crass, abrasive, unrepentant and abhors political correctness. And he’s rich.  Rich enough to fly around the country on his own dime, in his own plane and finance his own campaign.  What the American electorate has discovered over the summer is that Trump is not a ‘clown’ an ‘arrogant jackass’ or someone ‘building their brand’ by running for President.   Trump is the real deal and for all his stature has acted more like Toto from the Wizard of Oz – pulling away the curtain on the smoke, corruption and pretenders inside the beltway for all to see.  He is a donor turned politician – an unprecedented event.  Because it is unprecedented, the media, their corporate owners and the corrupt establishment are in sheer terror.  They’ve reached DEFCON 5 and every single day establishment people are waking up with the sole goal of destroying Donald Trump.

Western Civilization is founded on Law. The barbarians at the gate do not believe in our laws, nor do the educators in the schools or the presidents of the universities.   Open borders appeal to law breakers who don’t want to obey laws and feel our laws don’t apply to them since they are foreign born. Simultaneously they are essential to corrupt businesses that exploit these lawbreakers for financial gain at the expense of the American people. It’s all quite simple and yet thousands decry Donald Trump as a ‘racist’ for simply wanting to return America to its founding – in Law.

None of the other candidates for president in 2016 can afford not to take the big money needed to win a presidential election.  These establishment corporations and the media they own know this. For them ANY candidate is preferable to Donald Trump.

Trump, who is a builder by trade:

Will build the wall and end their half century slave trade in sub-minimum wage labor.

Will bring jobs back from overseas and create prosperity at home.

Will change the tax code to be simpler and more effective in generating revenue.

Will deport illegal aliens in the country, bringing back good ones as legal citizens entitled to minimum wage.

Will eliminate cartel influence, gangs and crime in major cities throughout the US.

Will help the Veterans, strengthen our decimated military and strengthen American influence overseas.

Will help black Americans greatly improve their economic position with jobs and opportunity.

Will bring in the best people to fix the corruption and cronyism that exists in government.

Will get rid of trade deficits, eliminate trillions in US debt and create a global economic boom.

This short list of announced goals is already an unprecedented vision for a US President. That is why he has developed a massive following, among not only Republicans, but also Democrats and Independent voters. His vision is not extreme. Enforcing existing laws only seems ‘extreme’ to those minds poisoned by corruption.

History’s great leaders are a product of their time. They rise to meet the challenges of their day. Donald Trump is the product of our times.  A business man, builder and reality TV star. A man who has shown a strength of character that so very few knew he possessed.  His followers are not just voters, but revolutionaries.  They seek to overthrow the Establishment, restore law and return prosperity to the citizenry and nation.

Donald Trump is Western Civilization’s last hope at restoring order to the chaos of lawlessness – in America and throughout the world.
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